Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday fragments and a bit of unboxing - day 28 (year 2)

in which our plucky heroine oscillates...

While in some ways, seem to be gradually pulling myself together, in other ways not so much. I have been catching up on sleep, a midday nap only went a few hours, and I feel almost my former self, but the nights are still difficult. This ongoing isolation has really sapped my resilience, and I don't seem to have found any way to refill that. Fortunately? I am hella stubborn, and persist in continuing through this shadowed valley step by step.

made good progress on the current batch of preserves: five jars of blood orange marmalade cooling down on the countertop, awesome sauce is mostly thickened up and ready to process,  and strawberry rhubarb  needs a bit more time...

working on a prototype of mesh lingerie laundry bag...  My current wash bags, from Amazon, have shredded apart in the washing machine, not along the seams, but in the middle of the fabric? Some medium mesh from Seattle Fabrics seemed a way to DIY something a bit more robust. (a Very Old mesh wash bag made of similar fabric that is still in useable condition after more than 15 years)...,

Neighbor Alan digging up the ground next to my alley fence in the backyard found some giant roots today, which slowed things down. I am definitely going to give him a good tip, as the project has been a lot more work than he or I expected. I found the folding saw a wonderful help in cutting the largest roots to a size to fit in the yard waste bin.

One of the first necessary things to do when fully immunised is to revisit getting my dental and periodontal work done. I am fearful that the year plus delay in getting surgery is going to result in my losing the molar that was in dire need of help. From time to time there are "twinges" when I chew, which never happened before, and surely the perio problems have not solved themselves, despite my brushing/flossing/waterpik, none of which can have any healing effect on the underneath of the tooth roots and inside my jawbone... sigh...

thinking about the Storm Maker Challenge for April - Scribal which would be fun. I so miss interactive creative activities, and making things in tandem with other folks. Plus there is this amazing beautiful medieval manuscript (the Peterborough Psalter) I recently found online access to, which is very inspiring...

Today these nightshade babies arrived on my doorstep, two different roma tomatoes and a wee patio eggplant, a gift from A... It is still much too cold for them outside, so they've been repotted in larger temporary digs, and for tonight are under lights in the kitchen. (I found some taller pots, to use for the tomato babies so I can bury them deeper in the pot to get more roots... I am learning so much!
Going to move them to the worktable, lower the shop light for some auxillary lighting, and plug in the heat mat... I'm quite pleased with the quality of these seedlings, the root balls inside the tiny pots were PERFECT! The roots were just starting to get all the way down to the bottom, but not to the point where they coil around and get all root bound. I am impressed with their timing for shipping, (even if it is rather too chilly here for outside) Fingers crossed I can keep them happy and growing well indoors for the next few weeks...

April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 wire planter cage
cover smaller sleeve board
yard waste bin
2 prototype mesh wash bag
cover larger sleeve board
recycle bin
3 5 jars blood orange marmalade
baby plants repotted
bag of fabric
4 3 jars Awesome sauce
x bag of fabric
5 xx bag of fabric
6 x x bag of fabric
7 x x -
8 x x -
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x
today's gratitude - remembering that my friends love me, and that they choose to do things to bring joy into my isolated life. I am not forgotten...


  1. You do indeed have some fine friends, you are rich in that regard.

    I wash my aprons in mesh bags so the ties don't get all tangled up in the wash.

    Sometimes "toothaches" are in reality arthritis in the jaw. I have that situation.

    1. I never thought about washing aprons in bags, I went in the other direction and designed removeable ties! The wierdness in my tooth and jaw is caused by periodontal disease underneath my six-year molar, up where the prongs of the tooth come together. I had surgery and bone grafts on the upper one just before lockdown last spring, and was supposed to get the lower molar work done a month later. Who knows how bad it has become in a years time... sigh... I am sorry to hear that you have arthritis in your jaw, that sounds most unpleasant