Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday fragments

in which our plucky heroine is well preserved...

Wednesday night I made orange marmalade, and this time use the setting point chart to get a more tender result. I also used some of the remaining freezer tomatoes to make another batch of Awesome Sauce, using the assorted peppers from Chief Joseph Elementary community garden farm stand, including what I think were Habanada peppers. I love the idea of being able to add additional pepper flavor without also making a condiment that is too challenging to eat, and suspect it might a possible to  grow these peppers successfully next year? Worth a try...

beauty in the time of isolation - day 224:
it was an early rising morning today, as I had promised my virtual presence before 9AM, and seen on drawing the curtain aside to the backyard were bands of pink clouds just post dawn. The fixed half of the window has this odd irregular discoloration, which only added to the pictorial effect. Beauty is everywhere, if you pay attention...

While waiting on the phone (in case of need) this morning, I paced back and forth across the backyard, because it was quite cold, and because my mobile phone randomly drops calls if I use it inside the house. It then occurred to me that I could also pull weeds while waiting, since the Grandpa's Weeder is almost a one handed tool. Half the big wheelie bin is now full of Queen Anne's Lace, and dandelion, and cat's ears, and common mallow, and even some bindweed. Later today it occurred to me to look at my pedometer, and I walked well over four miles, just pacing... 

With that as a start, once I warmed up my poor cold paws, and since it was Not Raining, there were more garden tasks... There are now three new perennial vegetable plants that Future Me hopes will be happy here.The skirret was replanted yesterday, into one of the two BIG pots (about 22" diameter, and about 20" tall), and set along the shady north side of the house, on the pathway to the backyard, where I can keep my eye on it and make sure it gets watered regularly. Skirret is a streamside plant, and doesn't want to dry out too much
Today I cut and placed heavy mesh to protect it from squirrel depredation, and did the same for the tree collards, which is also in the other of the two BIG pots, but in the middle of the yard where it is more sunny. I also planted the 9 star perennial broccoli, in the ground near the front walkway, and surrounded it with metal mesh.


In the interest of further preparation for winter, two new flannel sheets were ordered online, and arrived today. After 24 hours in coventry, the boxes will be opened and they will be run through the washer/dryer, and be ready to deploy. I also made two new rice bags, as the old ones had become threadbare, and the rice inside was all crumbled to bits after years of being heated in the microwave every winter evening. So bedtime will be just a bit more cozy... (I prefer rice bags, which are dry, to using a hot water bottle. A few minutes in the microwave creates lasting heat for hours, though I always make sure to put a small open jar of water in the micro at the same time, which does something to equalise the microwaves

October SMART goals (x=extra)
1 6 jars dilly beans
wheelie bin scrubbed
yard waste bin
2 3 jars vanilla port pears
east window repaired
old window trim
3 Xanthyreplace screen handles
yard waste bin
4 3 japanese books
washed two screens
recycle bin
5 Xanthy hat
moar apple pruning
yard waste bin
6 Xanthy flower skirt
reattached phone cable  recycle bin
7 6 jars St Clements marmalade
repair kitchen shade pull
yard waste bin
8 6+ jars Awesome Sauce
taller salad table barrier
9 8 jars tomato sauce kitchen window screen
10 Xanthy beaded bag
refurbish cabinet latch
11 5 flavor eggplant cooked
mesh barrier anchored
12 Nandina boots
perennials protected
13 7 jars Awesome sauce
x x
14 6+ jars orange marmalade
x x
15 2 new rice bags
x x

today's gratitude - I never get tired of looking at the sky.

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  1. Congratulations on the four-mile walk, well done!

    My corn bag has somehow been misplaced so I will make a new one tonight while watching Miss Fisher mystery show. Love sticking my feet into that warmth. Also love flannel sheets.

    Your battle with the squirrels is relentless; I respect your never-give-up attitude.