Wednesday, April 14, 2021

gathering - day 33 (year 2)

in which our plucky heroine takes a baby step towards the opposite of feral...

today I woke up with an actual positive task in mind... creating a private outdoor biffy spot behind my carport next to the back door to Acorn Cottage. That spot is already fairly screened from view, and once there were taut paracord lines tied in, or closet rod wedged between the downspout and the fence, I was able to use various fabric pieces as "curtains" and enclosed a space actually larger than the indoor bathroom here. I hung some toilet paper from the back of the potting bench, put out some hand sanitiser, and added a wastepaper basket, which covered everything except the actual commode. My good friend Ursel had acquired an extra "luggable loo" and once that arrived, now there is a safe and socially distant spot for friends to deal with bio breaks!

This plan had been in the works for quite a while, but it has been much too cold and rainy for any sort of extended outdoor visiting. Today though, was very warm and sunny, and Ursel, Gersvinda, and Claire all converged in my front yard for a wonderful outdoor social (which we had discussed the possibility of at the most recent online Saturday Shindig) All of us have had at least one vaccination. It was almost like Earth That Was, except for the not-hugging,  the six-foot-or-more distance, and the mask-wearing. (we did remove them briefly for eating of snacks, and for hydration maintenance) While I was still a bit jumpy, it was a good baby step towards being safely around other people.

beauty in the time of isolation:
It is springtime, and flowers bloom everywhere. Grape hyacinth and wood hyacinth, tulips and pink violets, the last of the forsythia, and todays warmth brought open the first of the quince blossoms. There were honeybees, and bumblebees buzzing loudly around the yard. Sneezing is endemic.

With the intention of creating larger raised planters for things like growing more tomatoes, it seemed like a useful idea to convert at least one of the currently unused blue 55 gallon barrels. A sharpie marking the halfway point, Claire then used her special oscillating saw to cut through the plastic. Hooray for power tools! Then I remembered I had a hole saw set, which seemed like just the right thing to add drainage holes to the bottom. While I'd never used a hole saw before, it was not too difficult to figure out how to set it up, and it worked a charm.

There are now two 27 gallon planters which need filled with garden soil and compost, and will add substantially to the growing space in the back yard. My hope is to grow additional tomatoes this year, and some cucumbers, to restart the salad table, and to put the Patio Baby eggplant somewhere I can keep an eye on it... The baby nightshades had an excursion outside today, as it was really warm, and I figured that the increased light and warmth would do them good.


April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 wire planter cage
cover smaller sleeve board
yard waste bin
2 prototype mesh wash bag
cover larger sleeve board
recycle bin
3 5 jars blood orange marmalade
baby plants repotted
bag of fabric
4 3 jars Awesome sauce
skirret cage adapted
bag of fabric
5 4 jars strawberry rhubarb sauce
temporary biffy
bag of fabric
6 two large blue planters
x bag of fabric
7 x x bag of old fur
8 x x -
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - a gathering of four friends, nearly normal... and so very grateful for Claire's help with the barrel to planter project today


  1. I am thrilled for you that you were able to have a visit with friends, outside or not. I hope you will have many more this spring and summer.

    1. Thanks Dawn! It was wonderful and odd to see people who have been only pixel squares on Zoom for so many months, instead sitting in chairs on my front lawn! While it will be much longer before I feel comfortable having anyone in my house, this was a good start towards reconnecting