Saturday, November 19, 2011


The good...Here is what I've come up with so far... there are actually more than 11 garments here, didn't want to just re-sketch the ones that were the same (two pairs of pants) or really similar (shirts with different necklines or collars), and am not entirely certain what the final SWAP selection will end up being. Since I also plan on sewing the "Winter 6PAC" there is a bit of overlap. The skirts are actually pinafore-jumpers, but will function as skirts. Some of these are patterns that I have had and modified so long ago that I no longer remember what the original pattern started out as, or are patterns copied from extant garments. There is, of course, the Sewing Workshop "Teagarden T". The lower vest will be based on Kwik Sew 2895, which I made up as a jacket in 2005, with some pretty serious modifications. I intend to "cut and paste" the collar from the Sewing Workshop "Fuji Mountain Top"(long OOP) onto an overtunic that will actually have some relation to my shape. And, after seeing Shams amazing "tablecloth skirt" I knew right away that the design had a home in my swap!

the not so good...
The reason that I was able to get my storyboard sketches all drawn and inked, was that I spent a big chunk of the day at Urgent Care, with, in the end, no conclusive results. I am still in pretty intense pain, my left knee/calf is just not functioning properly at all. (the one upside is that I knew there would be a lot of sit-and-wait time, so I took my clipboard and paper and writing sticks and croquis with me, figuring that sketching would be a bit more pleasant than outdated magazines. And it was.

dog is all in a swivet,
barking at anything that moves

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