Friday, November 18, 2011

looking for an antidote

in which our plucky heroine forcibly shifts focus towards some future activity...

SWAP ideas are gradually taking form, time to get out the croquis and start sketching. Too dark tonight to take pictures of my sketches, that will have to wait till daylight

I intend to use my TNT basic patterns: bias front top/dress, pinafore/jumper, and knit top. I will need to re-fit them, since in the intervening six or seven years I have somehow gotten to be a bit more round, rather than more svelte... But that should not be tooo very difficult, so to give myself a bit of a challenge there, I plan on trying to ring some changes here and there. It would be very interesting to try, for example, to adapt this sleeve treatment to my basic knit top pattern; would give me a nice alternative to always wearing raglan sleeves.

The sort-of-new-this-time pattern will be pants. I have a pattern for bib overalls; for years now they were the only trouser-like garment in my wardrobe. I'd like to convert the pattern to just plain pants. Will be an interesting experiment.

I've no idea where I found this, or how it might be possible to acquire this pattern*: (interesting one-piece vest), which has been in my list of bookmarks for quite a while. Since there are small images of the pattern pieces, I intend to try and generate a pattern for "2A" the vest with the foldover shawl collar. There was an article in Threads a while back (Issue #146) about a similar garment, and a summary of the article is available on their website. There is some extra-large black waffle weave fabric in my stash that would probably work for this.

I'm going to call my pinafore/jumper a skirt. I often wear them in that fashion, in the wintertime when layers are a necessity, and worn with a tunic or overshirt, it looks like I'm wearing a skirt. (After all if Dragon Lady says bib overalls = pants, then it would seem to me that pinafore [could] = skirt) ... And speaking of skirts, Shams has cleverly figured out how to make a fascinating geometrical construct that is the most amazing twirly skirt I've seen. That just might need to be one of my new garments, I can imagine adding that as the bottom half of a pinafore jumper, and I have just the right lightweight plaid wool to do it with too! Whee!

* thank you wonderful hive-mind of SG, Lisanne posted a link to where this pattern can be purchased. (And now I know, the pattern company is from Denmark) I shall still go ahead and generate my own version, since it seems really simple, but looking through their patterns will be inspiring anyway. A lot of the patterns on their site seem to be combinations of garments that all work together, in the same way that SWAP is intended to function... Hmmm....

dog is on watch,
patiently waiting for relief

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