Wednesday, November 23, 2011

from indark back to the bright world

When last we saw our plucky heroine, she was planning sewing projects; a lot has happened since then...

Sunday was mostly prep for Monday (with a lot or writing of letters and advanced directives), and Monday was about half spent in hospital. If'n you really want to know about what that was like, ask me in person. When disrobing and packing away all my jewelry and talismans, I was reminded of the part of the story of Inanna, where she must remove all her garments and jewelry before entering the underworld...

I will say that it was actually interesting, in that I learned more about how I react to various situations. Am very grateful that I was not required to have sedation in addition to anaesthesia; I much prefer being a bit excessively chatty to being out of it - I was fully conscious up until the operating room, then went down into the dark, coming back up about an hour later.

Coming back was not really like waking from sleep, as some describe it, for I never awaken so totally relaxed; never awaken trying so strongly to be awake while constantly slipping back down into the darkness, was kind of like the opposite of normal awakening. On my usual awakening, I am propelled forward out of dreamland with a strong push, however much I might wish myself back to that land, whereas this was my own strong will pulling me towards the waking world, despite what felt like an intense gravity well of unknowing that would be easy to fall back into.

Grateful grateful to be back in the bright world I am...

Body is recovering well, only real discomfort is the sore throat from the intubation. Spirit/mind is much calmer, that was a big flame-covered hoop to be jumped through, and I did well. Only current hoop is not knowing the pathology results, but I am oddly calmer about that than I was about the anaesthsia. Weird, eh?

Sister left for home last night, after being of great help in the last four days. Yesterday morning I felt well enough to cook breakfast for her, making, rather recursively, Sister Gigi's Sweet Corn Cakes. While I like them with salsa verde, she wanted to try the jalapeno jelly I put up last fall. Tis one of the prettiest jellies in the pantry, and while not very spicy, was actually a perfect condiment for this...

I was feeling well enough by the end of yesterday, and getting a bit of cabin fever, so we headed out. Since the weather outside was intensely windy and dripping cold rain, it seemed appropriate for a little retail therapy - grocery shopping, and then a short trip to nearby Ikea, where we did a bit of information gathering in the kitchen area, since sister is going to repair/renew/remodel her fifty year old mostly wornout kitchen. She also decided to buy me a frame for the futon in the guest room. Having it up off the floor with certainly add to the comfort of the friends and family that sleep over at Acorn Cottage.

Gradually ramping back up to functionality is the story of the rest of the week here. My intention is to combine social time with creative time, and a modicum of "stop now, rest and eat food"... After all, there are workshop projects calling my name, and sewing to be done, clothing to be made, and pals to be visited with.


The Wheel - Jerry Garcia, 1972


dog is dozing,
hoping for ear skritches

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