Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday fragments

In which our plucky heroine notices the connection between Acorn Cottage and Scarborough Fair...

Yesterday, when I was feeling rather puny, not up to heading out and about for a lot of social time, my most awesome Resiliency Ranger pals S and B decided to come over here to cook... and we had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat!

Alice's Restaurant was listened to (courtesy of YouTube), yet more sweet corn pancakes were nibbled, cranberry sauce was safely boiled up, and a delectable tiny turkey was baked. Fresh herbs from the front yard made for tasty basting, and in the middle of the day some unknown neighbor girls, all umbrella bedecked, asked S if they could pick some sage. Did you know that the front yard here has "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme"? There was a lesson in Yankee Piecrust, recipe courtesy of my longago friend C.N., and a flakey-cursted pun'kin pie was dessert, as we gathered round the electronic hearth for an episode of Firefly. All the dishes were washed, and leftover bits from dinner divvied up, including a small portion of mixed veg for the hens today
after the washing-up

We made it happen, despite my wonky knee, despite the fact that the hob here at Acorn Cottage now has only two working burners (the large one stopped working on Tuesday) and despite not having worked in a kitchen together before. Yay us! While my dream home might have an actual fireplace, the warmth of true friends is what really lasts...

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