Tuesday, November 15, 2011

gibbering not allowed

Spent a big chunk of yesterday over at hospital waiting for various pre-surgery testing. The wait for x-ray was so long that the technicians were handing out gift coupons for the cafe. Unfortunately, by the time it was finished, the cafe had closed for the day... Read through the hospital handout/worksheet/booklet about advanced directives, as I intend to do as much of that as realistic in the next few days. Not enough time to actually make a will and all that, but figure that writing down my thoughts about my wishes for what I would want if incapacitated will be a good thing. I also will be writing a few letters to particular folks, just in case...

I am still really scared. Determined to move forward, yes, but I'm mightily strong-willed, and do not let fear stop me from doing what needs to be done. My stubborn will has been very helpful to me over the years, has allowed me keep a clear head in emergency situations, for which I am very grateful. Nonetheless, will be very very glad to be past all this medical-fu...
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Still having a lot of fun with planning for future sewing, might have to indulge myself and make up a storyboard. Am wishing that I had some goodly lengths of knit fabric suitable for long sleeve tops, what I mostly have is smaller pieces, in the form of other salvaged garments to be refashioned. One resource that I am looking at for inspiration is Marcy Tilton's "T-Shirt Gallery" There are seven pages of examples and tutorials, well worth scrolling through. She is a master of artistic combining of fabrics, often with adding details with paint or silkscreen.
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On a more lighthearted note, I've figured out a way to improve my ancient vintage microwave, which does not have a functioning turntable any more. I normally use a pyrex lid atop the glass inner tray to quick-bake eggshells before crushing them for hen-calcium supplement. Well, for some reason, when I put my bowl full of lunch* in there to warm, it somehow caused the lid to wobble a bit... aha! says she, that is significant... If quick-fingered, can give said bowl-o-lunch a spin, close the door, push the buttons, and it will keep spinning long enough to evenly warm the food. Simple pleasures for simple people.
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*For the last few weeks, have been making up, to keep in fridge, either: a goodly quantity of mixed veggies,stir-fried to be mixed with random protein, or bulgar-feta-kale salad, or fish cakes. All of these are quick to reheat for lunches.

dog is on watch,
patiently waiting for relief

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