Sunday, November 13, 2011

moving forward, one stitch at a time...

in which our plucky heroine takes up the reins of her regularly scheduled life again...

While otherwise occupied, I managed to miss a new-to-me holiday Corduroy Appreciation Day, and the most extreme one of the century, being 11-11-11. Chosen days to "celebrate" are those in which the numeric form most closely resembles the wales of corduroy. Alas, while I am most terribly fond of corduroy for clothing, and was, no doubt wearing some that day (since almost all of my pinafore-jumpers are made of such), there is very little corduroy in my fabric stash, no pieces large enough to make any complete garment, just small amounts that could be used as edge bindings.

Have decided that whatever garment sewing will be happening this year, will be using fabric from the Giant Stash o' Doom, and thereby reduce somewhat the possibility of SABLE*. Without too much effort, was able to pull out this assortment of fabric, in my favorite colors, (look, I've branched out, I'm including brown!) that should work for SWAP 2012 (sewing eleven garments between December - April) and Winter 6PAC** (sewing six garments between November and January):
fabrics, from left to right: indigo denim, black/brown flannel, black/blue slinky, navy/brown/multi lawn, brown brushed twill, multi-blue knit, blue/black/brown wool, black polartec windblock, black/taupe wool, navy/black rayon, black denim

Lest it seem that I have gone off the deep end into seamstress insanity, I actually need new clothes; the drawback of having a small curated wardrobe is that things wear out! Am thinking about how much it will help to have some tactical practical options, in addition to my beloved pinafore/jumpers. And the total number of garments should be fifteen rather than seventeen, since two of the 6PAC can pull a double shift and get added to SWAP - rules allow for two SWAP garments to be completed before the December start date. If I can pull this off, will mean that my sparse closet will not need replenishing for at least a year or two. Truly, being able to sew is a most resilient skill, and I use it not only for my own needs, but as a useful addition to my livelihood, in both the formal and the informal economy.

*SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

**Winter 6PAC =
1 - winter coat or heavy jacket in a dark neutral
2 - overlayer top, jacket or cardigan in a neutral
3 - overlayer top, jacket or cardigan in a colour
4 - underlayer top in neutral
5 - underlayer top in colour
6 - trousers in neutral

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  1. Your fabrics look so pretty together! So many possibilities for complex interaction. Godspeed on the sewing!

    As far as the surgery: let the nice nurses and doctors take care of you. (If one isn't nice, speak up about it, but lack of kindness doesn't often happen, in my experience.) And be kind to yourself. My thoughts are with you.

    I'm so glad you are again participating on Stitchers Guild. I've started reading your blog again and enjoy your perspective and activities.