Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wind and rain...

in which our plucky heroine maintains forward momentum...

The wind is howling round the corners of Acorn Cottage tonight, and if there was some way to hook up a generator to the ventilation turbines on the rooftop, there would be power to spare. Gratefully, the forecast for snow tomorrow seems to have shifted to wind instead, it will still be cold, but the roads will be wet rather than icy. Nonetheless, 'tis probably time to dig out the yaktrax, and keep them handy...

If there is a break in the rain, gathering up all the fallen leaves will be a good garden task, as well as shifting the henyard fences to enclose a smaller area. The poor things really did not want to leave the tiny henhouse for the wet and windy yard. Would really like to offer them a roofed space, maybe by next winter; prior attempts made with tarps and tentage have not been really functional... For the last several winters I dumped the fallen leaves into the henyard, which really increased the depth of the soft upper layer of the soil. (The plan is to use that area next spring, and continue letting the girls destroy the grass and fertilise the future garden space.)

Tonight seems like a good night to make up a big kettle of soup. I save vegetable ends, and the bits rinsed from cooking meat pans, and chicken bones, all in tubs in the freezer, when full, they get cooked again into broth. I'm thinking a kind of scotch broth tonight, with some carrots and garlic, and if I can find some small bits of lamb to add, will be very hearty indeed. I like it with barley; is necessary to add only a very small amount, barley is very thickening.

Is rather heartening, after being away from Stitchers Guild for months and months now, on my tentative return, dipping my toes into the SWAP scene once again, I find that I am remembered, and welcomed back. There are so many ways that this electronic world is a good and useful place, allowing connection between folks that would be unlikely to meet in realtime, and strengthening connection between friends and family in faraway places. Community and communication both derive from the same root. To be able to use the internet is another thing that I never take for granted, like running water, or being dry and fed and safe, to notice all the ways that things are functioning well despite the stormclouds...

dog is bounding at the door
growling and barking

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  1. Your soup sounds yummy! A good plan for my home, too.

    I'm glad I ran across your directions for accordian gussets while browsing your blog last night. Tonight it occurred to me they are just the ticket when sewing for my sister. She has scoliosis as a result of having Parkinson's Disease. The gussets will help provide room across her back in her tops. Thanks for posting those directions!