Monday, October 25, 2010

somewhat of an update + Sunday crafternoon

Overall, life here is improving, my back continues to calm down, and the PT exercises seem to be helping. Today they gave me new exciting ones, (that include my arms), with the giant orange rubber band. The pain level is finally down enough that I can focus brain-hands-eyes in a way that feels like me again. Really, though it might have sounded like that was already happening, cooking and sewing are much closer to things that can be done on my automatic pilot, but coming up with new imagery, and complex pattern alterations require more synaptic efforts...
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sewing: current and planned for the future...
The new rain hat is working splendidly, given the current weather patterns of completely dumping rain, that is saying a lot. To make progress on a new raincoat is needful, but fitting that will entail multiple pattern alterations with the attendant multiple muslins, so that project is on the back burner, simmering 'till the design details are fully cooked.

This weekend's project was a denim "overall-style" pinafore, morphing the TNT pattern by adding an overall back and straps, and a different pocket style as well. Used up a good bit of salvaged duvet fabric, a nice soft lightweight medium blue denim, and scraps of darker blue for the edge binding. Thought about edge binding the pockets as well, but decided that eye-catching detail at hip level was not necessary. There might eventually be a decorative center bodice pocket, as this graphic is calling me to do something similar, possibly freezer paper stenciled.
I'm loving how the clothes that I've been sewing all this year all work together in layers to mix and match. While it might be "boring" to stick with a limited color range, it sure makes getting dressed in the morning a snap. And it must not look too dull, because twice in the last week I've had total strangers come up to me and tell me how they love my style... (Once while I was window shopping in Anthropologie downtown!)

One of many sites on my visit regularly list is the Stitcher's Guild message board; the seasonal sewing collection challenge has been helpful and inspiring. Though I've not managed to do as much sewing this autumn as I'd hoped, there has been progress made. My initial plan was to do 2 pinafore-jumpers, a blouse, a tunic, a pair of pants and a raincoat between the beginning of August and the end of October...

What has been completed are three pinafore-jumpers: one pinwale grey corduroy with embroidery, one widewale grey corduroy, one blue denim with decorative edgebinding, and a waterproof Gore-tex rainhat.

The grey widewale corduroy ended up with the patchwork trim along the hem edge; while it started out on the navy corduroy, it was intended all along for this pinafore instead. The navy one got its own hem trim, spirally vine-y embroidery on more of the navy corduroy, and an inset band of light grey jacquard. The light grey is actually a bit too light, and might look well darkened somehow, possibly with fabric painted spots in indigo blue...

The next quarter (beginning of November to end of February), the collection looks like this:
Trousers/skirt (dark neutral)
2 Tops (1 to match, 1 to complement)
2 layering tops/cardigans/jackets (1 to match, 1 to complement)
Coat (dark netural)

which shall be adapted to my wardrobe by making:
pinafore jumper (black)
textured rayon tunic top (black)
Teagarden T (blue)
handknit stripey sleeve cardigan sweater (blue)
raincoat (black)
(and possibly something additional in black,
maybe this button-up-the-front semi-steampunk cowl
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Eating up the last of the summertime, there were a few eggplants on the now battered driveway plants, and actually a few cherry tomatoes, combined with the new eggs that are showing up in the henhouse, it looks a lot like Mediterranean quiche to me, add a little feta and call it good!

Am considering making a 2011 calender. Haven't yet looked on Etsy, but there is nothing in the local shops currently that appeals. Perhaps it is time to return to alphasketch, and the second half of the alphabet...
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Sunday crafternoon this weekend. Yes, it is Samhain/Halloween, but if you are free in the afternoon come on over to Acorn Cottage, noon to five-ish. No sushi dinner downtown afterwards, as it will be handing out candy to the neighborhood youngsters time instead.

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