Tuesday, October 26, 2010

well that was fun!

My dear friend R asked me if coming along with her and her husband C on a mushroom hunting expedition sounded like something enjoyable, as she and I had planned to get together today, and he was eager for some woods-walking time. It has been far too long since I have been out of the city, and even longer since out in the woods.

We spent the rainy afternoon clambering uphill and down, over fallen logs and through the misty moisty forest. There were many many mushrooms to see, big toxic ones and little tiny red-brown ones, and cauliflower mushrooms, though none big enough to eat. There were some that looked like sea glass, and one that looked like an ice cream cone, white on the outside and reddish orange on the inside. And oh so exciting, there were golden mushrooms, with a wonderful subtle scent of the forest; quite a few chanterelles, and some came home to Acorn Cottage. Aren't they pretty...

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