Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday fragments

My friend N (the same N who brought me back a tiny turned wood box from Bhutan with bits and bobs of trailside rocks and stuff) brought me more rocks, pumice from Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta, and a strange bit of wood that looks like a kind of root-burl. Also the waveworn center of a conch from Mexico. My heart is brightened knowing that friends think of me whilst in faraway places, places I've not been, on mountaintops and ocean beaches...

The Canjam food for November has been announced, and it is (a bit more variety than I'd guessed) apples-and-pears-and-quinces oh my! Can you say pome fruit? I knew you could. Hmmm that covers a fair bit of possibility for preserving, while applesauce is always good, there are still Seckel pears at the grocery. Anyone local have quinces to spare?

Last weekend when my friend K came to visit with her pal D, they brought me a bunch of sunflowers. One of the benefits of not yet turning on the heat is that flowers last a loooong time, they've been cheery company on the dining table all week. Maybe next year it will be necessary to grow some, as long-lasting cut flowers are a happy thing, since there are no windows here with enough light for house plants to do well indoors.

Gravity is a harsh mistress, and when you are distracted, she reminds you to pay attention. Sometimes it seems that my adolescent clumsiness has returned, but really it is just dusk, and thinking of other things. Fortunately it was not as bad a fall as the times last year, I'll feel it tomorrow, definitely, but hopefully aspirin and ice will do their magic.

Tomorrow will be a housey day - cleaning and cooking and crafting. The floors could use a good vacuuming before Crafternoon on Sunday, and methinks a spice cake would be a good idea for Sunday as well, or maybe little spicey acorn cakelets. And somewhere in there needs to be a trip to get supplies for the trick-or-treaters that will be showing up on Sunday night...

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