Thursday, October 21, 2010

weather or not...

...we are ready, the rainy season will soon be here.

With that in mind, my first priority has been finishing the rain hat. This is my second homemade rainhat, as the first was too small. For this one I was able to add a nifty detail: tiny loops to anchor hat decoration.
Being very fond of hatbands and suchlike, this will allow things to be attached to the hat without compromising the waterproof aspect, as the seam the loops pass through is sealed. It will be interesting to look for suitable rainproof bits to use, as the silk scarf and wool flowers from my denim hat are clearly inappropriate.

Working with Goretex is fiddly, not specifically for the sewing, but the seam sealing is a trial. The sealing tape must be heat-set in place, and my iron is an awkward tool for small curved spaces. If not exceedingly careful with the press cloth, hot iron parts can contact unprotected areas and melt the coating on the fabric. Fortunately that only happened twice, and with extra seam sealing tape, was repaired.

Since the first hat does not fit me, it is up for a giveaway, being too useful to discard. The hat is waterproof, black Goretex, and in the same style as my own hat pictured here. It will fit a small adult or large child, with a head circumference of 22" or smaller, the pattern called that size "medium".
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Took advantage of the remaining sunshine yesterday to gather more bay nuts - picked up another 5lb from the big tree on the next street over. It took about a half hour; peeling off the husks took about an hour and a half. The yield was 2lb nuts, the rest gone to use as mulch. Perhaps the husks would be a good natural dyestuff, as it definitely stains my hands a rusty orange color. Some folks use avocado peel as a dyestuff and the plants are related...
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Yesterday, there was a fresh egg laid in the henhouse... Perhaps it was premature to assume that there would be no homegrown eggs this winter, or maybe HennyPenny can tell that thoughts of stewing hen soup are in my mind?


  1. It is not too difficult a project to sew, or you can just go to REI and buy a "Seattle Sombrero"* I used the Green Pepper pattern for the "Norwester Hat", (with some style adaptations: no side velcro and no adjustable inner hatband)