Friday, February 12, 2010

sunshine daydream giveaway

While truly, I'm grateful for living where I mostly don't have to deal with snow, the dark grey sky makes it seem like winter will never be over. Even ordinary chores seem to take longer, and the ease of summer feels like a sunshine daydream (okay well maybe not that kind)...
Still, the sun is returning, each day the evening dark comes just a little later, and soon there will be dry breezy days; I'm surely not the only one who likes to hang my laundry outside to dry on the line. My dear friend Rois is having a giveaway over at Hrafinstaad, she's made a colorful and useful, beautiful clothespin bag that will be perfect for adding a bit of a smile to that necessary task. All you need to do to be entered in the drawing for the giveaway is to leave a comment on her blog. And while you are there, do check out what she has to say about the various aspects about urban homesteading; she has a lot of good commonsense information, as she has been doing it pretty much her whole life. She is one of my inspirational mentors as well as a good friend.
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This just in: my entry was voted #1 in the Kenleigh's Fiber Felted sheep contest! a big grin for Little Bo Peep and her sheep, and a huge thank you for all the folks who voted... The kit that Shannon provided for the contest was wonderful, and the wool fleece was the nicest I've ever worked with for needlefelting.
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Started a new knitting project for riding on the bus, a pair of wristlets to take the place of the pair lost this winter. The pattern is called Voodoo Wristwarmers, and is dirt simple; there is a lot of the chocolate color wool leftover from the unraveled merino Goodwill sweater, and it is both wonderfully soft and about six ply, so it should have a bit of wear left in it. This project is a chance to try out the "magic loop" technique that I'd been wanting to learn, on something easy. My friend Sam gifted me with a clever instructional book, and it looks to be just the thing for not losing your needles; I'd been doing small round knitting in the traditional many double pointed needle method, which is fine by the (virtual fireside) at home, but not so much fun when your needle drops to the filthy floor on the bus and rolls out of sight. This new-to-me method is much more secure, and just as easy; I expect that if you were just learning, it would be much easier than the "traditional" method.
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Took the test for the US Census today, and same as ten years ago got a 100 score - of course that doesn't correlate with getting a job, but it means that I don't need to schedule any re-tests. (Fortunately I enjoy taking those sorts of tests, don't know why; I took lots of them as a young thing, since every time I changed schools I had to be re-tested, and we moved a lot back then.) It sure would be good to get a temporary job this spring, right around tax time any little bit comes in handy...
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For anyone who's got a full piggybank and likes incredible guitar playing, Richard Thompson is going to be at the Alladin Theater (Monday through Wednesday next week) Should be well worth seeing, I wish I was going...

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

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  1. Congratulations! Your entry was so creative. I will send you an e-mail shortly in regards to what you have won. I'm glad you enjoyed the kit and the wool - I will tell the sheep good job!