Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am not a cat...

Really, if I worked in a fabric store, (instead of as a seamstress for hire and enamel artisan), I would make certain that the Velcro, if purchased, either had the fluffy side and the burry side stuck together neatly , or wrapped them separately. I can only imagine that the clerk* was either (#1) truly clueless, (#2) impossibly harried, or (#3) actively malicious, to shove five yards of Velcro into a small bag randomly... just saying...

I'm taking a break after spending far too much time and not yet finished untangling this:
nasty ball-o-Velcro, atop almost finished Roman Shade project

* and since these supplies were not bought at the Evil Empire, I'm betting on #1


  1. That is terrible!! I would take it back with the receipt and ask them to unravel it or give you a new lot!! ouch! :)

  2. HATE Joanns !!! The one near me always looks like it is going out of business and they couldn't be LESS helpful. Can't even find a Waverly fabric if you bring in the Waverly name and number because they file fabrics under their own secret special Evil Empire numbers that no one else is to know.Not even their own employees.... BLEECH.....I feel disgruntled just hearing the name !

  3. Patty - I totally agree with you about Joanns, hence my "nickname" for them. I feel really gratiful that I live in a place with multiple successful large fabric stores, actually when I lived in Olympia I would drive here to Portland to shop for fabric.

    Illyana - the Velcro came here as part of a big bundle of notions for making a set of three Roman shades, custom sewing is one of the things I do for work. Believe me, if I had purchased the stuff I'd have made sure that the clerk packaged it up "properly", but my clients, who often purchase the supplies, are not sewers, which is why they are having me do the work, but also means that thehings like this sometimes happen...