Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crafternoon Delight

I've been beavering away on a big window treatment commission - three big Roman shades, interlined with blackout cloth. This has of necessity put my own personal sewing, and all the housey-projects on hold for a while.

I did take a partial day off yesterday afternoon. My friends Vandy and Molly have started getting together on Wednesday afternoons, and invited me to join in; since Molly lives on the next block, this is a delightful treat, to be able to walk over rather than the usual bus for an hour to visit folks. Much textile fun of various kinds happened, a lot of it involving wool. Though I simply used the time to re-draft the twist front top pattern, and to draft and cut out all the pieces for the grey tunic, Vandy learned to use the spinning wheel, and card wool. There was also a "lets dye this mass of fleece a gorgeous tangerine orange color", and Molly did quite a bit of work on her Navajo rug weaving. All in all, a great afternoon, the plan is to do it again in two weeks. Really nothing would make me happier!


  1. Oh I am afternoon crafting with friends would be heavenly...what a nice way to spend time with friends !

  2. I made lined and pieced Roman shades (they look like a quilt panel) last summer and I loved doing it! That's cool that someone hired you to make shades.

  3. I remember seeing your Roman shades on your blog, I think that was quite an amazing piece of work, but then I am not a quilter. I don't love making Roman shades, but work is work. I have my "custom sewing" cards in various local shops to try and generate additional jobs