Tuesday, February 9, 2010

need a smile? (more media)

I've been working on the Roman Shades project all day, with short breaks. These are a bit different, with a room darkening interlining, which makes sewing a bit like wrestling with layers of ancient rubbery raincoat. Ah well, more than half done finally, I'll be glad to see the end of this one.

The wee tape deck I borrowed decided that since it was so very old, that It didn't want to come to a new home after all, and the motor stopped working. Alas, I guess it is back to square 1.5 on that one. I have a ancient boom-box tape recorder, well not so ancient, I bought it from RealGoods back in 1990, before my ill-fated excursion to Idaho, since I needed to have something that would work on 12 volt or AC. It has a microphone port, but any auxiliary equipment has long been lost in the intervening decades. So I'm still looking for a simple recorder, or possibly something to work with my current archaic technology.

This morning's breakfast was particularly nice, and healthy. I've been trying to find various winter breakfast options that are greens plus protein (that I like), and that aren't super complicated. Half a single bacon strip cut into dice and cooked slowly, then half a bunch of black kale chopped small dropped into the same pan. Since the bacon is always chosen with an eye for mostly lean meat, there was almost no fat in the pan, I had to add some water to let the kale steam for a while. Once it was suitably softened, it went into a big pottery bowl, then about a half cup of cottage cheese, and a modest amount of sweet chili sauce for garnish. I'd been thinking about Ethiopian greens, and this, while spiced very differently, started the day off well.

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