Monday, February 8, 2010

sheepily voting and sweetly nibbling + media Monday

The pictures are up of all the entries in the "sheep" Felting challenge. Unlike the Wee Felt Folk contest, which was judged, this one is decided by votes. If you are interested in seeing all the entries, and choosing one to vote for, you can go look at either Kenleighs Fiber Studio or at Stories from the Farm.

This weekend I made good progress on my few remaining commissions, with only the Roman Shade project still unfinished. Big sewing projects would be easier if I had a banquet table to lay the fabric out on, but where in tiny Acorn Cottage could I even set up such a thing? (probably that is why some folks rent studios).

I've been working on my entries in this months CanJam, (the month of "carrot") and the jams I've made so far are surprisingly tasty. I've not done anything quite this creative with the orange vegetable...

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