Saturday, June 5, 2021

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine returns to the periodontal chair a state of frustration...

all Thursday there were attempts made to be prepared for surgery on Friday. There was much confusion at the local pharmacy, when my medication prescriptions were accidentally sent to a town in Illinois instead. Took a while to sort that one out.

Then on Friday morning when I arrived at the clinic I was told "no surgery today", grr... stupid last minute glitch put things off for weeks now: sudden change of supervising faculty dentist (I go to the dental school, and the perio clinic is graduate specialty clinic where new graduated dentists learn specialty work, so they are still supervised by faculty...) the new supervising faculty dentist didn't think they should go ahead with surgery and that my teeth should be cleaned first, and a new exam, new imaging etc, because the pandemic made getting dental care unsafe and the dental school shut down. 

Dr A had been expecting to do the surgery today; instead, I got a big exam, and a cleaning/scraping, and am back in the queue for appointments... four weeks wait for a recheck on the cleaning, and then queue again for surgery Grrrrr... That will be high summer heat/fire season...I am Big Grumpy

I'm curious to try this recipe (since feral grape is growing like mad right now) which sounds like a kind of salady relishy thing, though I don't really know how grape tendrils would taste...
Recipe from Libro Per Cuoco , early 15th c. Venetian recipe collection

If you wish to make grape vine tips, take the curled tips and let them boil a little. when they are a little boiled, take them out and press the water out well, and then fry them well and fat, and then take verjus and water and spices and salt. temper them together and put put on [the vines], and let them boil well. Then take a little marjoram and temper it with water and put on [the vines] and it will be good.

Translation by Eden Rain.

beauty in the time of isolation:

not sure what this is, looks like a dwarf foxglove?

~ creativity challenge ~

miniature MCM sofa

This was a really fun and surprisingly challenging project, following a tutorial from Becca Wheeler who I follow on Instagram as @theoldthreadhouse. I used some indigo dyed linen scraps and had just enough to complete the sofa; the legs are aluminum push pins, and I also made a small cushion from a bit of vintage block printed scrap of fabric from India, that I colored in with my Sharpie markers. 

whole cloth baby blanket

I don't really do any quilting, or patchwork, not because I don't appreciate the artistry and effort, but because I don't really enjoy the process enough to do it frequently. Always an exception though, for gifting to future children of the circles I am connected to. This time I tried a something different, and used cotton batting instead of polyester fluff. The batting is machine washable/dryable which is essential for baby gear, and the (alternative) instructions to assemble the blanket before preshrinking the fabric, then wash and dry, did exactly what I had hoped, giving a delightful gentle rumpled texture to the still very soft cotton lawn and cotton flannel.

June SMART goals (x=extra)
1 baby clutch ball
otterface needlebook
paper recycling
2 Nandina leather vest
cleaned iron soleplate
3 baby blanket
- -
4 miniature sofa
- -
5 -- -
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - since there was no surgery yesterday, instead I treated Poni to lunch at Kashiwagi, and we both had an excellent outdoor sushi lunch at the place I had been wanting to try, and a pleasant chance to visit and chat while sitting outside at a picnic table in the shade of trees on the edge of the parking lot. As the restaurant is on a side street rather than a main thoroughfare, eating there felt spacious and fun, the sushi was just as wonderful as I remembered from Takahashi days, and I hope to be able to return there again at some point.


  1. How frustrating your dental experience is! I read dentists have been very successful at continuing their work during the pandemic; apparently, your provider isn't leading the way for that.
    Keep us posted on the grape tendrils.
    Nandini's new furnishing is stylish!

    1. Hi Carol!
      I've been telling people that Nandina has bee shopping at "mini-Ikea"...

      The grape tendris were an interesting experiment. I included some of the small leaf clusters as well as the actual tendrils, which turned out to be less than ideal - the tendrils themselves were a good texture, but the leaf clusters were unacceptably tough and unpleasant. I am going to try again with just tendrils before deciding if it is a worthwhile recipe

      The dental school was open for business months ago, but until there were vaccines, and I was fully vaccinated, I remained in isolation. I had no desire to risk my own health by either taking transit, or by being in an enclosed space with people of unknown status with their nouths open and masks off. (Indeed, I have no desire even yet to return to indoor restaurant dining either) I feel like the dentists were protected from patient virus by multiple masks and face shields, but the patients were unprotected from each other! The whole situation was so very fraught all last year, and while getting a COVID test made me a bit less scared about being in the perio clinic, I don't know that they are requiring the same precautions in the general clinic (I'm going to ask about that)