Monday, April 19, 2021

between first and second sleep - day 38 (year 2)

in which our plucky heroine has oddly disordered bedtimes...

so, Saturday was my second jab (Pfizer), for which I am extremely grateful. The same efforts as for jab #1, extra range of motion arm movement and increased hydration, while they surely made a difference, did not stave off the noticeable effects of my immune system learning how to protect me from the virus. While the first twelve hours or so were uneventful, by the time Saturday night rolled around, my arm was quite definitely sore.

Sunday, after my before-breakfast walk, there was generalised malaise and vague aches + headache, brain fuzzier than usual.  As the day went on, feeling "under the weather" increased, with the sense of  almost as if someone had turned the gravity dial up to a higher number than usual. Finally at about 7:30 I gave up and went to bed, falling asleep almost immediately, only to wake again at about a quarter to midnight. Still feeling puny, but not really able to fall back asleep.

Rather than lie abed fretting over insomnia, an hour or so washing the dishes (that I'd been too tired to deal with earlier) seemed like a useful and not strenuous midnight task. In ages past, most humans did not sleep a solid eight hours, but their sleep was divided in two parts. HOPEFULLY MONDAY WILL BE A BETTER LESS REACTIVE DAY

 today's gratitude - being home, being able to rest as needed, being able to get vaccinated

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  1. Finally someone who understands about biphasic sleep! I have been trying to get people to understand this for years: what we call insomnia today may simply be our bodies' attempts to return to the natural sleep pattern of humans before the myth of the 8-hour night's sleep came about (in response to the equally unnatural 40-hour work week). OK thanks for giving me the opportunity for a mini rant.

    I hope you are now feeling much better. I had no reaction whatsoever to the first Pfizer dose, and had started telling everyone I was fine after the second one, until about two hours later every part of me seemed to be made of lead and I could barely drag myself to the bed. It did take 2 days of intermittent sleeping but after that I only had the sore arm to contend with. A small price to pay!