Wednesday, December 30, 2020

wishful Wednesday - need more data

in which our plucky heroine somewhat futilely attempts to generate forward momentum...

It has been a difficult few days, still no real information about how my Mom is doing. I phoned the rehab place today to try and get some idea about what her plan of care is intended to be, what room she is in, if I can mail things to her, and if we can set up some video calls in the future. Dad said he spoke with her briefly? I do not understand why the facility and the staff have not contacted my father with thorough, accurate, and current information about his wife, my mother?? I was able to get her room number, but actual details about her condition and treatment as well as what the schedule there is, requires speaking to the social worker, or the nurses, apparently. I have tried repeatedly (at least five times or more in a day) to phone her in her room there, but there is never any answer. One fears the worst; I had been speaking with my mom at least every other day up until her collapse last week, and she must be wondering if I have abandoned her... My heart remains broken and I am determined to find a way to renew the ability to connect with her. It cannot be good for her to be out of contact with her family

~ 100 day creativity challenge - day 80 ~
This is a silly if cheerful thing, the top of my birthday turnip! I decided to put it in a saucer of water like kids do with carrot tops and sure enough, it is growing a turnip top tree...

SWAP sewing: finished the navy mushroom print turtleneck top... It will look quite fetching with my turquoise pinafore, as well as with either of the denim ones. I wish I could find some more excellent small-scale graphical prints in cotton/lycra.

My idea for the shaped turtleneck collar worked quite well. I measured some RTW ones that fit me comfortably, and used that for the baseline measurement, and added on to the bottom edge a curved addition that I hoped would both fill in the neckline scoop, and also incidentally increase the length of the bottom edge to neatly fit the neckline measurement. Double win! (given that it is a print, the seamlines are not really even visible)
I did make the thumbhole cuffs, which were only slightly annoying to sew. (I am curious if I will end up liking the ability to have integral hand warmers) I did notice that neither of the instructional tutorials I looked at had accurate information about how to correctly align the cuffs to the sleeves. One left that aspect completely off the tutorial, and the other said to align the cuff seam to the underarm seam, which is dead wrong! If you look at where your thumbs are on your arm, and compare that to where your underarm seam runs on a sleeve, it is obvious that the cuff seam (which includes the thumb opening) needs to be offset from the underarm seam!! Rather than guess, I simply tried on the almost completed top, and slid the finished cuffs underneath the sleeves so I could chalk a mark on each one where to place the seams..

Not sure what I will work on next for SWAP 2021. (probably the first thing will be to muck out the sewing/guest room which has turned into more of a scrap/rubbish heap) I need to do some swatching for my knitted cardigan, and the easiest things to sew would be to make up either another top from the other mushroom knit, or more likely some leggings, as we have weeks and weeks of winter yet ahead

beauty in the time of isolation - day 291:
this is Edgeworthia, growing in Karla's front yard, and not yet blooming...

I have started soaking the black-eyed peas for Saturday's meal. The greens will be from the kale growing in the salad table. I may make Sister Gigi's Sweet Corn Cakes, if I can find the ingredients (somewhere in the pantry is a can of corn, as the frozen corn is long used up, and I suspect I can substitute masa for cornmeal...)
December SMART goals (x=extra)
1 tiny patchwork
Nandina's nose
recycle bin
2 2 Kiki biscornu
worm bin rebedded
yard waste bin
3 2 sample masks
dainties bag patched
yard waste bin
4 spiral tea towel
recycle bin
5 new spice rack
x knitting sets
6 10 wire stitch markers
x moar cardboard!
7 dawnlight partlet
x x
8 wall caddy
x x
9 navy mushroom top x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - packages on my doorstep today, including the hard plastic nose pads for my new glasses (thanks to the Nose Pad King shop) as well as two different birthday treats from the B's: a Very Robust insulated travel tumbler, and a set of two teal silicone spatulas, one really large, and one that is probably skinny enough to get inside jars of things.


  1. I am so sad to read that the rehab place is being so stingy with information. I am praying that you will break through the barriers they seem to have put in place and reconnect with your mom soon.

    1. I appreciate your kind words and prayers...