Friday, February 8, 2019

let's play "stump the clerk..."

in which our plucky heroine may not be a plumber, but solves the problem anyway...

went to Winks Thursday morning and got to play "stump the clerk". Usually the knowledgeable venerable behind-the-counter folks there have seen it all, but the peculiar tee fitting I brought in was something really not standard, nor was there a standard non-tee fitting to replace it...

Unlike most big box shops, at Winks they take an interest in finding an actual solution, instead of just finding a product... The Useful Clerk sussed out that the tee fitting was actually three pieces attached together, and by deploying an allen wrench, was able to detach the WTF never-seen-this-as-a-separate piece piece so that it could be reattached to a non tee segment.

Our plucky heroine also bought a second non-tee segment, the allen wrench (just in case the correct one wasn't already at home, didn't want to make a second trip to the store) and a tube of the teflon paste sealer that both the Useful Clerk and my friend Randal had recommended instead of teflon tape. Am feeling right chuffed that this seems to have solved the problem, and having a backup on hand to redo the hot water line if needed feels very reassuring. I also made careful drawings of how the various parts fit together, again Just In Case, and will make up a wee repair kit to keep in the bathroom cupboard, so that all the bits are handy if needed in the future.

Yesterday saw lots of bike riding for groceries in the dark and cold - since there was rumors of snow starting early Friday. While it is snowing further north, the frozen stuff hasn't come this far south yet, but last night could have been the last chance to stock up on emergency shelf supplies for a while, and prepared is better than thoughtless. Alas, Trader Joes is STILL out of their UHT cream-in-a-box, which is my favorite way to store backup dairy product. Instead, I pedaled over to Fred Meyers and picked up ten 8oz boxes of organic lowfat milk, since they are the only local store that carries plain unflavored milk-in-a-box.

Put in a bit more work on redoing the mushroom blouse cuffs... otoh got complimented on it today, and wore the tiny morel mushroom earrings to continue the theme... Am thinking that the plain front blouse pattern, with a bit of adaptation, would also work for a basic jacket... add a bit of ease, suitable pockets, a different collar, possibly a swing back or motorcycle sleeve gussets, etc... something to think about anyway...

February SMART goals (x=extra)
1 bright feathers top for Mom leaky undersink-
2 taupe/teal feathers knit top --
3 11 4oz jars marmaladex -
4 mushroom print blouse
x -
5 xx x
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude -the love of friends, as manifested in the Very Warm Mittens of nalbinding glory, which are about a quarter inch thick or more of solid wool, made for my paws by dear Ariadne


  1. Hooray for the plucky plumber! Where there's a will, there's a way.

    1. Thank you... I am nothing if not stubborn and determined

  2. Blessings on the hardware store employees who really know their stuff. And upon the knitters of Very Warm Mittens. I can't imagine riding a bike through the dark streets in the wet and cold.

    Your idea to modify your blouse pattern for a jacket is absolutely viable. I keep a 1980s blouse pattern just for use as my basic jacket block because it has lots of ease and is very adaptable to different collars, closures, etc.

    1. I don't ride my bike if it is snowing, or icy, or very actively raining, because I am venerable and not foolhardy, and also because I wear glasses and cannot see well if they are rained on.

      There is, on the shelf, a chunk of nice brushed cotton twill that might make a good spring jacket... or if not enough of that, I have a good sized piece of turquoise/black cross dyed linen... lots of time to mull that one over whilst I continue on my SWAP sewing. It would be really fun to add in an assortment of pockets and "workwear" details, and maybe use some Really Big Snaps to fasten it, or the kind of pound-in buttons from overalls... Hmmm...