Wednesday, February 6, 2019

close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades...

in which our plucky heroine wishes for functional plumbing...

First off, thanks to Wanda for giving me a ride over to Parkrose Hardware to acquire a replacement cap/nut! This evening I replaced the wonky cap-nut and now the Undersink is no longer spraying a fine mist from pinholes in the sides of the nut, but instead the joint between the new nut and the fitting is oozing water (which is at least a more normal plumbing malfunction)... am currently trying adding additional layers of teflon sealing tape, one additional layer at a time. Started with a single layer, as suggested by the store clerk... that didn't work at all. Am currently up to two three four layers, which has slowed but not stopped the droplets from oozing out...

Stay tuned as our plucky heroine continues "the Undersink Saga"! Next step tonight is to remove the brass fitting entirely from the water lines, and replace it with something... said something being acquired hopefully tomorrow...

We are, apparently, going to have some wintertime this year. Today and tomorrow are the best bet for doing errands that involve traveling any distances... such as going to hardware stores for plumbing parts!


  1. Was there a rubber o-ring or gasket inside the old fitting?

    Denver usually has a bit of cold weather, followed by balmy weather. This winter has had more snow and cold. 18 degrees on my way home from work today.

    1. there is a rubber compression gasket inside the old fitting, but not in the part of the old fitting that was leaking. And there is an identical old fitting on the hot water line to the same faucet, that is not being at all problematic. I think that this particular fitting has some internal flaws in the metal. And, today, I acquired some new hardware parts to try, but that will wait til the morning when I am less tired!

      18F.... yikes! I remember that sort of cold from when I lived in northern Idaho. That polar vortex is being a real problem for us nowadays... Somehow I didn't think of Denver as being balmy in the wintertime at least, but I have never had the pleasure of visiting your fair city. We may be getting some quite wintery snow days soon, if the forecasts are to be believed... I plan on staying indoors and getting on with assorted sewing and metalcraft projects, in addition to my adventures in plumbing!