Tuesday, February 20, 2018

what I do with interstitial time...

in which our plucky heroine does some approximating...

I've been working on this cardigan for quite a while.
This is a loose-fitting outer layer, here worn with four underlayers as we have had a sudden cold snap, complete with snow! It will be comfy/casual in normal wear, but is large enough to fit over my current outfit (turtleneck, dress, wool pinafore and handknit wool vest) I am quite pleased with how this turned out.

For current and future reference, here are a few of the finishing details, and some close-up photos of the front snap closures:
The edges are bound, with the front, cuff, and hemline edge binding extended to form a kind of facing. I made the hemline facing deeper, to add a bit more stability and weight to the bottom edge. All the edges except the neckline have all their stitching done in brown rather than grey, as I wanted that part of the construction to be less obtrusive. I found these lovely HUGE snaps for the closure, and modified the instructions from Alabama Chanin from a four hole to a six hole snap.

I added small additional pieces of the jersey knit on the interior of the cardigan to reinforce the snap stitchery, and then after stitching, trimmed most of the excess away neatly. I thought this would be preferable to using interfacing, which I have never had success with on knit fabric, as more in keeping with the A/C construction style. Having at least three layers of fabric backing each snap will add greater strength in use, and support the somewhat heavy snaps...


  1. It is a beautiful piece of art, thank you so much for sharing your masterpiece with us.

  2. This is so beautiful. Congratulations on the good work. I echo Ruthie in saying thank you for sharing!

  3. It is an amazing piece of work, Alison, all the more so in that it perfectly reflects its maker. ~washi

  4. An amazing piece of couture work Allison. You did an amazing job of this cardigan. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.