Saturday, December 3, 2016

gifty wishlist which our plucky heroine attempts to make things easier for those who don't already know her pretty well....

This list is an ongoing work-in-progress, since like each year for the past several, I've been participating in Daegmar's Sekrit Santa gift exchange... It is actually pretty difficult to find objects that fit the requirements: keep the exchanged gift either handmade and/or homemade, or if purchased to be $20 or less); since most of what will make a real difference in my life are not things, but the gift of time and the sharing of some resources, rather than actual "stuff".

It seemed a good idea to provide both general guidelines to what I like and do not like, as well as a modest annotated list of assorted Useful and Delightful things:

Random wishlist notes:
my favorite colors: The kind of blue that you get from indigo: nightsky and dark denim. The greyish color of natural linen. Taupe. Grey. Soft dull turquoise. The dark black brown of some kinds of undyed sheep wool. Bittersweet chocolate brown.

In general, food is not a Fjorlief treat and neither are scented things. Our plucky heroine does not particularly like chocolate and is allergic to cherries and hazelnuts...

I mostly do not collect things, in particular I don't collect acorn kitsch, even though the house is named Acorn Cottage; I really do NOT collect chicken things, even though there are often hens in residence...

Annotated wishlist items that cost less than $20,
in no particular order:

diamond hones - these would work well for their intended purpose, and might also work really well for stoning down enamels. They are also available at Winks here in Portland, at least I saw them there the last time

Zirkel magnetic pin holder - a number of my online sewing pals  have this pin holder, which looks like a big improvement on the one I currently have

Julienne peeler - this might be a good way to add additional texture to my veggie salad consumption, I can imagine carrots or beets as tiny shreds of color and nutrition

bicycle kickstand - my bike has a kickstand, but whoever installed it cut it too short, so my bike always tries to fall over, which is most annoying. I need a new one.

eneloop AAA batteries - could use a few more of these, since the ones I had seem to have disappeared

Some rather more spendy, but also Very Useful, things:

It would be a very good addition to the infrastructure here to acquire an extension ladder. One that is long enough to reach the gutters, or the attic hatchways, and strong enough for someone that weighs over 200 lbs... must needs do a bit more research as to what would be suitable

new mattress - my current mattress, while not terrible old, has become terribly topographical. I had the chance to sleep on one of these Casper mattresses in the guest room at my friends house, and it was excellent! (slept through the night, didn't wake up all achey and contorted) My friends have had one in their own bedroom for months now, and it seems to be holding up really well

I have several friends that own Excalibur food dehydrators, all quite happy with how useful they are, it might be a good alternative way to preserve food for shelf-stable pantry storage here at Acorn Cottage.

More time than money:
bicycle tuneup - I have a bike, I ride my bike a lot, but I don't know how to work on a bike... anyone out there want to walk me through a basic tuneup?

knitted leg-warmers -  Compression socks preclude wooly handknit socks, but socks sans feet would cover the parts not in the shoes, and be a layer of insulation that would also add comfort and color.

company whilst sorting - I always want this. Come and hang out with our plucky heroine whilst I continue to sort and declutter...

help with constructing garden beds - It would be great to build a new raised bed in the backyard, the old one from ten years ago has sort of disintegrated.

replace bicycle tires + tubes + add Slime - If someone out there knows how to do this, and has the tools, my trusty bike needs help, the back tire is almost bald...

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