Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday tidbits...

in which our plucky heroine tries to remember to keep on walking*...


Have been doing a LOT of decluttering, discarding old papers from various files, outdated medicines/toiletries, and beginning the gradual reorganisation of cupboards and storage zones, that will be the second level of transforming the space here. Mindy came down for a short visit, and was very supportive whilst I dug through stuff and helped me move things around. First step is letting go of what is unnecessary, second step, which will mostly be happening in 2017, is to place what is necessary or delightful in ways that allow it to be accessed when needed, or desired. My goal is to free up as much of my energy as possible for the greater good and have less tied up in worry and confusion. Goodness knows that there is enough of that out there in the wide world, if I can remove obstacles at home, I will be more effective as a human person in my interactions with external and internal reality. That is my hope, anyway...

Not only have I begun working on my SWAP 2017 sewing projects, but have also seemingly decided that some new coordinating accessories are in order. This is going to be a new shoulder shawlette similar to my beloved but missing Noro shawlette. The difference, aside from it obviously not being Noro but Cascade 220, is that rather than simply following a straight Feather and Fan pattern I have also decided to add curved shaping to the shawlette, which means that I am adding additional growing points not only to the center back of the garment, but to both of the end points. This means I need to be continually figuring out where to stop and start the pattern increases and decreases, as the end points keep changeing. Not dull knitting, but will be a terribly useful little warming bit of wooly goodness when it is done. Eventually.

“It's like, at the end, there's this surprise quiz: am I proud of me? I gave my life to become the person I am right now! Was it worth what I paid?”
- Richard Bach

December SMART goals
1 wee jambe enamel 5 skirts hemmed
(for Megan)
full paper recycle bin
2 Tullia apron turtleneck mendedbag of papers
3 3 dishcloths - bag of papers
4 table drape - bag of papers
5 candied peel- bag of papers
6 rum balls - binders to Goodwill
7 persimmon bread - bag to Goodwill
8 - - 2 bags of papers
9 - - 3 bags of papers
10 - - 3 bags to Goodwill
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -

* ...as in "when you are going through hell... keep going" which is what I am going to do my best to remember for the next four, or umpteen howevermany years...

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