Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SMART goals matrix

... in which our plucky heroine examines progress made in 2014...

On the last day of 2013, my thoughts were on how to begin making the needful changes to have a life congruent with my intentions. "While there are a lot of aspects of life I've no idea how to shift, these three are ones already within my skillset, and like any other part in need of strengthening, repetition should make a difference..."

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) goals. Training theory says that X-ing out tickey-boxes is a Useful Signal and helps in changing habits. Realistically, the combination of a monthly active chart, and a larger whole year chart that was filled in every month with progress, did work well to encourage active effort to move forward over the course of the year.

It was surprising to me that I was successful in maintaining my motivation over the whole year, and tempting to simply continue the identical plan into 2015 (if it isn't broken don't fix it). The chart is full, not specifically with the exact items I expected. I included various projects that were done with help. That I am developing an ongoing relationship of mutual assistance with Blue Cedar House is a great pleasure for which I am incredibly grateful. That Kateline has been helping me with my decluttering has made that part of what I want to do possible. Some of my projects are large, some are small, and some were accounted one project when they actually encompassed several or many parts. My choice was to not be rigidly precise in how the various entries were logged, but to put attention on gently moving forward.

rising 60: a year long SMART goals challenge
1 2 Goutte medallions  planner calendar pagesbag to Goodwill
2 2 Jambe medallions  6mo EBT paperwork bag to paper recycling 
3 Pomegranate Laurel  leather sewing thimble   bag to paper recycling 
4fingertipless glovesfront yard trees prunedbag to paper recycling
5black owl pendantapple tree prunedbag to Goodwill
6Roman broochesrivet head micro anvil yardwaste branches
7sample transparent redsnew yard rake handleyardwaste branches
8knitted pouch,
green ramshorn
I: medallion bidyardwaste branches
9knitted pouch,
D.M. coronet bidyardwaste branches
10B: SCA trewsAnTir Crowns bidbag to Goodwill
11U: medallion settinggutter clog clearedbag to Goodwill
12not-right golden LaurelFederal taxesyardwaste branches
13the right golden LaurelState taxesbackyard yardwaste
14knitted pouch,
side yard
bag to paper recycling
15black one-wire Laurelpegs on
bag to paper recycling
16charted knitting
bag to paper recycling
17bone needleCR regalia metal scrap to recycling
18new green
SR silver chainbag to Goodwill
19sports brabackyard meadow
bag to Goodwill
20crescent Laurel
half craftwall
bag to paper recycling
21thread-winderssleeve bands
on green gown
bag to Goodwill
22red rose
heart pendant
SPQR pendant
bag to Goodwill
23red rose earringscraftwall
bag to paper recycling
242nd sports braworkbench
bag to paper recycling
25duvet coverSR brooch settingbag to paper recycling
red horses
setting for one
Anglo Saxon enamel
bag to paper recycling
27nine tiny enamelshem on red silk gownbag to Goodwill
28green silk gown for Ugreen undergown mendedbag to Goodwill
291st wool cardweavingbicycle area clearedbag to Goodwill
30blue Pel LaurelLED switch repairedcardboard recycled
31two orb enamelspaper wasp nest destroyedcardboard recycled
32wooly pony embroidery2nd wasp nest destroyed bag to Goodwill
33third orb enamelparking strip planter improvedcardboard recycled
341st Pegasus embroiderynorth side yard clearedyardwaste
35tunic muslin for Bbathroom sink attachedfabric to Goodwill
36gown muslin for Mbathroom wall repairedbag to Goodwill
372nd Pegasus embroiderybroken toilet seat replacedyard waste bin
382 very tiny
Roman enamels
towel holder attachedyard waste bags
398 Roman buttonsSCA closet reorganisedRebuilding Center
40sample for Fox Pawscarport clearedpaper to Shredfest
41gown muslin for Lshelves in SCA closetbag to Goodwill
42bra pattern for Bherb planter improvedbag to Goodwill
43sports-bra for Bhousefront plantings
mulched and weeded
yardwaste bin
44Norse embroidery patterndisassemble and clean
venerable box fan
5 yardwaste bags
45Norse collar embroiderysewing machine shelffunky red dresser
46Mindy cuffs embroiderysalad table baseold baby stroller
47Quince syrup - 5 jarssmall raised bedclay flowerpots
48Quincemeat - 7 jarswall anchored lumber4 Goodwill bags
49Mindy yoke embroideryshower handpiece holder2 paper recycling
50candied peel3 bubblepack curtains1 paper recycling
51Quincemeat - 7 jarsfingerless gloves mended4 Goodwill bags
52Mindy undergownhem and new pockets
on Stacey dress
cardboard boxes
53red-dyed wool,
from pokeberries
new printer cableyardwaste bin
54grey slip-dressshower handpiece
encased in rubber
broken cot
55two kitty face
black pinafore edges
new bias binding
bag to Goodwill
56four more kitty
new furnace filterbag to Goodwill
57acorn ornamentdeodorise teak bowlrecycle bin full
58sekrit santa giftre-attach downspout1 paper recycling
59looper potholdercarved oak plugs
for kitchen beam
bag to Goodwill
60wool Laurel
two bubblepack curtainsthree bags full
recycle and trash


  1. Your Smart Goals chart is impressive; congratulations! It looks like you have made significant movement toward the life you want to live.

    I am wondering this: did each of these accomplishments appear on a list of goals before you accomplished them and listed them on this chart?

  2. I am hugely impressed with all you have achieved in small steps this year. I am planning to take a similar approach, particularly to decluttering!

  3. Thank you both! Carol, some of the things on my fix-it list were from my "Great Big Housey List of Doom" which is forever being revised and updated, and some were tasks that were undertaken as the opportunity arose. Some were done on a whim... The list of things made was much more opportunistic, as I for some reason ignored my planned sewing in favor of other things. This year I intend to make better progress towards my sewing goals