Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday thoughts

Handwork on a tunic for my friend Seb Barnett, basic rectangular construction, but I figured that since ATW is not till the end of next week, that time spent riding transit between now and then meant adding some embroidered embellishment would be an option. Double overcasting on the neckline edge will add strength, and I plan on adding some simple decorative stitchery around the front yoke just for pretty...

There are some small apples on the brushy growth from the damaged apple tree! On consultation with my tree guru, the small apples were thinned to about a big handspan apart, which yielded a small bowl full of green apples. These may go in the freezer till there is time to make some apple pectin, and maybe some lavender blueberry jam...

Gah! almost lost the last hen... had fallen asleep way too early Tuesday night, like at around 8, when it was still light out, so apparently forgot to close the LoneChicken up... woke up about 2AM to the sound of chicken screaming... ran outside and managed to chase off "something"... ran back inside for flashlight, banging shin on clothesline pole that had fallen down in my haste outdoors... spent about an hour looking for hen, found her minus a few feathers... couldn't catch her till I thought to go inside and get the burden cloth (big canvas square) and drop it over her... chicken back in henhouse with the door shut, and now I am wide awake! Next on the agenda after ATW: building a chicken run or a chicken tractor... for sometime this year there will be new young hens that will actually lay eggs, and I want there to be some slightly more secure arrangements.

Really the LoneChicken is not doing well, chickens are flock animals and are unhappy alone. She doesn't want to come out of the chicken house in the morning, and then heads back in there midafternoon even though it is still light out. I don't want a "pet" chicken, my hens are livestock, not pets. She is not tame, and, of course, she is the one that was not laying eggs at all. Really the thing to do is to connect with my knowledgeable friends and turn her into hen soup, a transition I have never done, though I have eaten meat for most though not all of my life. It is a dilemma...

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