Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday and Sunday snippets

A request to the universe that there be more social time in my solitary life was answered almost immediately, with an unexpected luncheon with Silverdale Karen and Darylee from Ohio. Much fun and laughter ensued, as well as some incredibly tasty burgers at Dick's Kitchen... last time I was there the special was wild boar burgers, this time it was pastured lamb, with feta-tatziki sauce, mmmmm....

Somehow, I'd never noticed that inside the curio shop Noun ("a person's place for things") there is also a cupcake shop, which my pals decided was the place for dessert! There were tiny "taster" cupcakes not much bigger than a quarter, so several of them needed to be carried across the street to the sidewalk tables, where we continued our conversation. I've been told that if you lick the frosting off a cupcake, then it is a muffin, and muffins are healthy, right?

Noun has all sorts of pleasing artifacts, both salvaged and well-aged, and current handicraft. I almost always find things that would be happy living at Acorn Cottage, but rarely actually bring things home with me. These seem like a Very Useful variant on the standard wooden spoon...

hand-carved "tasting spoons" :
 long handles, small spoon bowls

Our plucky heroine almost always carries around index cards; many of my projects start out as tiny sketches or doodles... this is my idea for the next reverse applique/tee shirt project, another gift, this time for Maeve... sketch is about an inch across, done in the corner of a standard index card.

This is the same idea drawn out in pencil, full size on freezer paper, prior to cutting the stencil.
What I did here was to overlay the center front, raglan sleeves and both sides of the center back pattern pieces all round, overlapping at the seam allowances. This makes possible the creation of a design that flows around the entire neckline. Careful measuring will match up the design at the center back

Decided that making certain to have some rhubarb preserves put up before the season ends would be a good thing... bringing these home from the grocery ended up with a discussion; Beth and Karen will try and send small boxes of homegrown produce down here next month, since I shall have various OlyWa folks passing through or staying at the Acorn Cottage bed-n-breakfast almost every weekend.


Middle of Sunday morning, and just as B & K & self are getting ready to head out to acquire more thread, with a side trip to the Farmers Market, when Bill and Jen call. They are passing through town on the way home, and visiting happens...

Bill has some splendid new ink on his forearm: a camas lily with blue blossoms; Jen is pleased with her new shirt; and they drop off the sprang loom for Freydis, and some other weaving tools and pretty things for Aelflaed. There is actually a website for the show that Bill's metalwork will be in. Apparently the show will be up for the whole month of August, in two locations in the Pearl, part at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and part at Waterstone Gallery,  with the opening on Thursday the 1st of August: East-West: The Hammered Metal Object

Once Bill and Jen headed home, there was a short Farmers Market excursion, where three pints of strawberries were acquired, which will pretty much immediately be hulled, sliced and start the process of joining the rhubarb in becoming sauce. A baby cilantro plant now has a home in one of the planter boxes in the side yard. There is some exciting new variegated thread for the pomegranate project. And another weekend with friends is starting to wind down...

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