Thursday, December 15, 2011

hand pies

in which our plucky heroine tries an experiment...

I have made Icelandic Chicken a number of times, the small pies are very useful as pickup food when busy with other tasks, and the combination of chicken and bacon and sage is well loved by most folks of the carnivorous persuasion. In OlyWa, the enclosing crust was often a bread dough, as the local bakery sold convinient balls of frozen dough. Away from there, I find it easier to simply make up renaissance pie crust (piecrust with an egg yoke mixed in; adds flexible durability in forming, without making it tough) Up till now, I always made the crust with butter, but since New Seasons sells small tubs of their own rendered lard, I wanted to try it out in this application, having read that it makes for the best sort of pie crust...
Oh my word, it certainly does! If making standard piecrust (rather than the renaissance variety) it would be even more flaky, but the texture is noticeably different lighter than a butter crust, and without the greasy feel of a shortening crust. It will be a bit difficult to resist any more "sampling" of these little wodgey bits; I had to try one just to find out how it worked, after all, it would never do to serve them to guests if they were less than wonderful!

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