Thursday, December 22, 2011

days later

in which our plucky heroine celebrates another trip around the sun, and comes home again...

Solstice Bells ~ Jethro Tull

Home again home again I am, this has been a wonderful birthday week indeed. Took some very much needed time away to spend with my dear Gryphon, and have returned with more equanimity than I have had in weeks. Was a chance to spend time with good friends old and new, as well as an opportunity to have fun making Sudden Loud Noises (and thank you darling for the excellent and thoughtful birthday gift!) As is suitable for birthdays, there were chances to eat some very tasty food, and a chance visit to the menagerie at FjordsEnd included the very first time ever I'd been at table and served food on FIRE! Whiskey-flamed homemade halloumi is both impressive and delicious.

Once back at Acorn Cottage, there's a necessary stack of tasks and projects for the next three weeks longer than my arm, and bearing up under that will actually ease the time, useful busyness being a good antidote to my unlikely recent response of being immobilised and gibbering uselessly. After a muchness of rejuvenation and rest, there is studio work to be jumped back into, and a vast pile of fabric to be sorted through, there are shelves to be put up on the guestroom walls, to hold said fabric, and, and, and...

The knowledge is getting through to me that really-o truly-o I am cared about, that as I have been saying for long time now, I am so blessed with the love of both family-of-origin and family-of-choice, and that for almost a year now have been even more blessed to have a sweetheart who sees me clearly and loves me nonetheless. As I walk forward into the uncertain future, this certainty is what sustains me...

I Will Stand Fast ~ Fred Small

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