Tuesday, December 21, 2010

you say it's your birthday...

Was really hoping to get a good view of the total lunar eclipse last night. It was overcast and raining, clouds like drifts of carded wool let the moon peek through at times. Did see the approach to totality, but once the moon was "dark" it seemed foolish to stand in the cold rain watching the sky to guess where the moon was hiding.

Oooo this was a treat though... earlier this year I'd mentioned to my parents about Salley Mavor's original artwork travelling to a museum show at the Danforth Museum, (not terribly far from the ancestral abode), and suggested that it would definitely be worth a trip to see. Not only did my folks go to the show, and my mother's picture show up in a group photo on Salley's blog (my Mom is the woman on the right, holding a copy of Salley's book "Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes"), but I now have my very own copy of the book, with a signed dedication from the author. What a delightful birthday gift. I have rather a weakness for beautifully illustrated children's books, and this will be a very happy addition to my bookshelf.

My cold has progressed to the horrid streaming stage. HP is worse, and refuses to either eat or drink at all. I'm going back to bed now...

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