Monday, December 20, 2010

monday media and minutiae

or the good the bad and the ugly...

There are various small good things, such as this very pretty bit of calligraphic animation...

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Whilst wandering around Ravelry looking a slipper patterns, I ran across "Duffers", a quick 19 row felted pattern that looked interesting. I always look to see the various versions that folks knit up, both to get yarn ideas and to see if a design looks different when knitted by someone other than the designer (sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes a good reason not to knit a pattern) There were these sweet somewhat fuzzy grey Lopi slippers that the Original Knitter did not love. Did I mention that they were grey, and just my size, and she said that if anyone wanted them she wanted to give them away... So I sent a message to let her know that I would dearly love them and give them a good home in a chilly house where they could keep my feet warm, and now I have a nice warm pair of felted house slippers just in time for winter. They fit as if they had been made for me. Smiley happy warm feets now - thank you Amybel
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I read blogs: artists all over the world write about their lives and that is my recreational reading these days. One of many favorite blogs is purple podded peas. When Celia mentioned the artistry of Andy English it was impossible for me to resist. A tiny gift for myself, ordered from Andy English arrived today all the way from Cambridgeshire in East Anglia UK. True wood engravings, handprinted as holiday cards, (at $5 each, I could afford one). I chose "Three French Hens", and plan on framing it once I have my focus back again. There are still many lovely cards available in his Etsy shop, a rare opportunity to purchase such small delights that are actually made and printed by hand (not photo-replications) ...
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the bad thing: HennyPenny is poorly. At five+ years old, she is no spring chicken. Though her feathers are shiny and she appears not to be "sick", she fell over yesterday while walking across the yard. By the time I came over to where she was, she was up and moving around with the other chickens, so I figured no problem...

Today she was lying down on the dirt, and didn't get up when I came outside with henfood, and when I tried to pick her up she kind of fell over. In picking her up, it was obvious that she is almost completely skin and bones under her feathers. (I am reminded very much of when I realised that Smokey was wasting away under all her fur.) Not wanting to leave even an elderly hen lying in the cold rain and mud, I brought her inside. A large Rubbermaid tote with wood shavings seemed a bit less austere, with wire mesh across the top and a lamp with an incandescent bulb to warm her up.

She is willing to drink just a bit if I offer her water, but is not at all interested in eating, even warm oat porridge with egg, or fresh wiggly worms from the worm bin. She sits there all crouched down, and will make soft happy chicken sounds if I talk to her, but all is not well. A friend who is more chicken-knowledgeable than I am, said that HP is probably on the way out.
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The ugly thing is that I've come down with a turrible cold, the kind that feels like Mr. Rhinovirus is doing bad tapdancing on your face. I just want to sleep, and that is what is most difficult, since I also want to breathe. And, there is work to be done, etc etc...


  1. Girl, you always have the BEST videos...


  2. Thank you, glad you enjoy them. Yuletide and Solstice good wishes to you and yours!