Sunday, October 17, 2010

"those balls will be your fortune"

Finished knitting baby bootees for La Infanta, and will be putting together a package to send northwards on Monday, hopefully these will help keep her tender self warm this winter...

The bootee pattern is basically sound, though I kept losing my place as to which was the "right side" (an easy thing to do with garter stitch), and forgetting if "end on the wrong side" meant to stop at the beginning or the end of a wrong side row. Really, I think that transit knitting needs to be something just a bit less fiddley, as it is necessary to not lose track of where you are on the bus route as well as where you are in the knitting pattern...
The little lime green spheres please me immensely! I figured out how to make them, knit in the round, with worsted yarn, on three little needles:
knit around once
(k1, inc1)3 times
(k1, inc1, k1, inc1)3 times.
You will now have 4 stitches on each needle.
K two rounds
(k2tog,k2tog) 3 times
stop and stuff some yarn or fleece into the proto-sphere
k2tog 3 times
Cut the yarn, leaving a long-ish tail, and the knitting still on the needles. Using a yarn needle, thread the yarn-tail through the live stitches and pull closed, making sure that the stuffing stays inside the sphere. Stitch through the sphere with the yarn ends to anchor them closed and either cut off or use to stitch to desired project.

Hmmm, might be fun to make some spheres to use for knitterly jewelry...
≈ : ♥ : ≈

Tune in tomorrow for the capsicum compendium, my recipes for the month of October Tigress CanJam...

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