Thursday, October 14, 2010

good, bad, and wierd?

The good is that my back continues to improve, albeit slowly. The PT exercises get a bit easier, albeit equally slowly. Lots of time riding on the bus meant that the hat I am making for La Infanta is finished, and I'm about halfway done with the matching bootees. Littly-girlchild accessories are so quick to knit!
≈ : ♥ : ≈

Today was the second half of my eye health exam. Mostly the visual fields test, to keep tabs on my optic nerve function, but they also took a second set of pictures of the inside of my eye, fortunately without having to dilate the pupil this time. This time I asked if I could see the pictures, since undilated eyes can focus, and it was fascinating the different views possible through computer modeling magic. The technician even offered to print printed me out a copy of the simple view to keep! (I thought about posting the picture here, but decided that was a bit too weird, just because I find it interesting doesn't mean that folks want to see retinal images...)
≈ : ♥ : ≈

The bad is that my beloved REI rainhat is definitely gone. On a day of pain and spaciness, I left it on the bus when it stopped raining, and it was never turned in to Tri-Met lost and found, alas. I guess I will be learning to work with Goretex, and that will be my Very Next Project, as the relatively warm and dry-ish weather will not last long. Fortunately there is a good supplier of suitable outdoor fabric and supplies: Rose City Textiles; and fortunately I already have the perfect hat pattern.(PDF image, slow)

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