Friday, October 1, 2010

cogitation on S3 + other Friday fragments

... in which our plucky heroine mulls over wardrobe thoughts, experiences the electric tailbone, eats the mascot, and suffers the return of the cranky commode...
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Self Stitched September has ended, though the slideshow is still here. During the last month various things were learned regarding my current preferences in clothing and sewing...

~ Pattern on pattern is a Good Thing, providing that the component pieces are similar in (light/dark) value

~ A shirt/jacket worn over a dress looks really good; future sewing should plan for this with shirts and blouses.

~ It isn't that difficult to coordinate my jewelry with my clothing; must needs remember to continue to do this, and remember to actually wear  jewelry. Want to make some brooches, and experiment with combining materials in new ways...

~ After making six all the same dresses in different fabrics, working out some new TNT dress pattern design will be welcome. Probably a shirt-dress, with a button front. The other large gap in my wardrobe is summer dresses; the two japanese rayon shifts were worn repeatedly, more for next summer will be required, and working out a TNT pattern for a sleeveless pinafore/jumper/sundress would be very helpful.

~ Still really loving the muddy indigo/grey color range, but am starting to be drawn to the brownish/taupe/linen end of that group. Once the current batch of clothing is stitched up, hopefully the fabric stash will hold, somewhere in the myriad boxes, colors that will be just a little bit different to play with...
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At PT yesterday, which was a new and different adult life experience, the chosen treatment consisted of having electrodes attached on either side of my tailbone, (with a large iceblanket draped overtop, across the back/hip area) and then for a length of time with the "active" current is gradually increased. A most peculiar, not particularly pleasant, sensation. My understanding is that the intention is to encourage the sacroiliac joint that is both inflamed and hyper-tight to relax somewhat, which should both ease the pain and allow more circulation to encourage healing. It was certainly not a miracle cure, but it does seem that today the pain is dialed back a bit from 9+ to a more endurable 7ish. There are back stretches too, that are prescribed, and one of them is the same as one of the stretches that M suggested.
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Riding the bike is the least uncomfortable position right now/still, and I love riding to the grocery store, (when it isn't raining). Last night the temperature dropped to pleasant softness, and dusk is comforting to my pale eyes. Red and blue sparkle-flashing lights lend a modicum of safety, and I am very cautious, always, about automobiles. Not sure how much longer before the winter damp sets in, but for now, it was a pleasure, and a chunk of time closer to painless.
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Visitors the last two days, which was almost unexpected, but still and always a treat. B and J came down from OlyWa, along with Toshi the Wonder Pup. When they arrived, late Wednesday evening, we had a late supper of chowder and seaweed salad they had brought from home. For all that I love seafood, I'd never eaten geoduck (renowned mascot of my alma mater TESC*) before, and the pieces in the chowder were similar to scallops but more tender, not at all texturally scary**.

Though my friends were busy working long days, we had some evening time for visiting, eating at La Superior, and watching a bit of Cowboy Bebop (thanks to E for the loan). I got plenty of puppy interaction, but no pictures this time. Really, Toshi is like summertime corn, growing almost as you watch - a lot larger now than last month when I visited them at home. Hooray for sweet giant Akita dogs!
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Oh, and this morning the gorram Cranky Commode treated us all to a rerun of the same shenanigans that occurred over Labor Day weekend***. Really if this is going to happen every time there are guests here, it is Not Okay! Time to do some more research, and make some phone calls. Useful Advice is welcome; it is probably possibly time to think replacement...

* school motto Omnia Extares ("let it all hang out"); school song "The Geoduck Fight Song"

** I love shrimp, and scallops, and things like lobster and crab, but clams and mussels scare me

*** The Strange Case of the Cranky Commode

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  1. The best suggestion I have for you, having a houseful of 'men', is flush halfway through. Disgusting I know, but it avoids many problems with older equipment. Sorry you're having more problems...! G