Monday, October 4, 2010

blue Monday

Some small improvement in how my back feels, but oh so slow... I'm dreading my housecleaning all day job today...

This weekend I began preparation for this months CanJam (October's food is capsicum). With that thought in mind, a trip to the big crowded Saturday farmers market downtown, with a stop at New Seasons on the way home, yielded some necessary supplies. Soon there will be a dozen or more tiny jarsfull of spicy treats to add savor to the coming wintertime...

And thinking of cooler weather to come had me gather up yarn, to use for the sleeves of my current project: the Moody Blues sweater, named for the band that was my first favorite as a young thing back in the day...

While I love this beautiful sweater, it is made from delicate and expensive yarns, and only sold as a complete kit, which places it entirely out of range both in size and cost. I even wrote to the designer asking if she ever planned to release just the pattern - "no". While I could reverse engineer it from the picture, that would be somewhat challenging, and there is nowhere near anything like enough lightweight yarn in my small stash, in colors that would make a Useful Garment.

What there is, is a fair amount of Aran-weight greyed teal/indigo yarn, salvaged from my former blue wool sweater, and a lot of random worsted-weight yarn in other blue/grey/indigo/brownish colors. Since the plan is always to use what is here, my thought was to make something in the spirit of the design, but that would fit my size and pocketbook.

Last winter, I used the pattern "Sonnet" to make a vest; the pattern is easy to customise for style and fit, and is very wearable. My current idea is to make the body of the vest with the blue Aran yarn, in garter and seed stitch, and to make stripey sleeves, using the many smaller amounts of colorful worsted yarn, and in stockinette stitch (rather than the bunchy garter and box stitch sleeves in the original design) The edges will have darker I-cord edging, to again refer to the stripey bolero.

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