Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

...not sure I will bake a pie to celebrate, but I might.
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After resetting all the clocks this morning, including the one on the computer, I wandered off down N Mississippi to where a new fabric place opened today - turned out to be small, and quilting oriented. The "come-see-our-new-shop" door prizes were extra long tape measures, which came in very handy when I walked another block to the ReBuilding Center...
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First step, find appropriate lumber. Found something I've been looking for for a while, a good flat board to use for mounting my spiffy pot-rack to the wall. It's a 1 x 12 that is about 5 feet long. I'm thinking of cutting it down to 8 inches wide, which is what I was originally looking for; that would also remove the largest knots, leaving me with some narrower board to use for other projects. Sand it down, and paint it, and I can get another infrastructure project begun. The pot-rack will be through-bolted to the wood, with reinforcing washers on the back, to strengthen the connection. I want it to stay put.
Second step, figure out where the studs are on the wall behind the stove.
Third step, mark the board for attaching to the wall studs, and for attaching the pot-rack above and lined up with the stove.
Fourth step, drill holes in board.
Fifth step, remove enough sheetrock from just under the pot-rack bolts so that the wood lies flush with the wall.
Sixth step, attach the board to the wall, and the pot-rack to the board.
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SWAP progress - The stripey flannel shirt is done, and I really like how the sleeves turned out. The other times I've made this pattern it was with cap sleeves, or short sleeves, this time I simply lengthened the pattern to a full length sleeve. When I tried it on, it was obvious that was too long, so a 3/4 length with slight gathering into a bound edge gave me a comfortable sleeve that looks just different enough from my other shirts to make me happy. If I make this one again, I will probably do some kind of "narrow shoulder" adjustment, but it is certainly wearable as is. The other times I've made up this pattern, I used much more drapey fabric, and the shoulder line was not as noticeable.
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I'm almost finished with the grey embroidered bohemian tunic, all it needs is the sleeve cuff edges bound. I decided not to add the small decorative pockets that I'd initially designed, since it is quite a "busy" garment already, and being a tunic, is short enough that reaching my other pockets will be easy. I like this one a great deal, as it re-uses some of my favorite two tone grey waffle weave fabric; my hand embroidered and beaded flowers add true "hippie style".

I'll be taking more pictures as I get more sewing done, but here is a little taste of the tunic embellishment -
The embroidery had been intended years ago for an SCA gown, but by the time I finished it, I decided that it was too modern-fantasy in style for me to use that way, and I've been waiting to be inspired for a suitable use for the rectangular yoke. The stitching is all done with DMC cotton, the outlines are couched double pearl cotton, and the flowers and leaves are filled in with satin stitch done in regular DMC embroidery floss. I added a bit of sparkle with stitched clear glass beads for the flower stamens. I know from personal experience that this type of embroidery wears and washes well, so it is not at all impractical.

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