Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday tidbit

As there were two challenges running concurrently, I was decided to create a scene that was inspired by a nursery rhyme. Here is my completed entry for the Kenleigh Fiber Studio needlefelted sheep challenge. I, being a contrary and determined sort, made two sheep from the fleece intended for one. (since two sheep were needed for my idea to work) Bigger sheep is 2¼" tall, small sheep is 1".

I also figured out how to combine two photographs in one image, which was far easier than my initial idea of building a diorama.

I've been busy this week finishing up various jobs of commissioned sewing, so this has been a bit of a fun diversion in the evenings.

And if the weather keeps on being so warm, it will soon be time to start on the vegetable garden for this year. There are snowdrops at the end of the front walk, and some kind of bulbs, maybe tulips? that are coming up next to the cyclamen.


  1. Alison !!!! Some good news for you !!!! Come stop by The Bus : ) XO, Patty

  2. Love the photo! How clever of you,of course!