Sunday, March 29, 2009

A taxing day

I took a break from the 'rithmetic because I couldn't stand not doing anything in the backyard today. I so want to get the garden happening, way more fun than maths. There were sunny gaps in the windy damp, so I picked up quite a lot of the random pieces of wire fencing and stacked it up along one side of the yard, and started moving some of the junk off the StupidDecktm. (After the demolition, I kept a number of the really long wood bits floor joists, thinking that they could be useful for making garden beds. I still need to pull out the nails and cut them to useful lengths. After I finish the taxes.)
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Somehow, I got distracted and decided that putting the borders around the fruit trees would be a good idea. So the two apples and the pear now have scalloped concrete edging, with the partly composted rice hull mulch, and nice little brick centers to keep the mulch away from the tree trunks. The espalier apple and the new pear both have flower buds, and, amazingly, so does the Akane, (which is basically only a single stick trunk about 2 ft high). I cut up another dead-bike inner tube and used it to attach the pear to its tree stakes, and did the same for bitsy Akane.

This weekend I found some garden seeds that I'd stashed away last year, peas and chard and kale; hopefully they will still be viable. I really want to grow greens this year. I've got a dozen seed potatoes chitting on the windowsill, and if it ever gets a bit warmer, I'll be planting them. Maybe this year I'll grow my own colcannon!
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  1. Thankyou for your nice comments after my grouchy wingy blog post! I promise not to do it again!
    I love your morel mushrooms! I have a packet of Shitake spores, waiting to be seeded into an appropriate log. My husband is a tree surgeon, but it is impossible to get him to bring home any wood!

  2. Alison, I have some extra seeds if you want them.
    Love Rois

  3. I'm out to plant seeds right now. I have spinach, lettuce, kale, and some favas and peas to plant.

    Using the intertubes for tree ties is a great idea!