Wednesday, March 25, 2009

seeking guinea pigs...

Spring is finally showing her shy face in my yard, the rhubarb is visible, if small, and the lovage I planted last year has unfolded palmate red shoots, reminiscent of peony foliage. Inspired by the gradual blossoming, I've made another springtime sprite, this one a little larger, with more layered and embroidered details. Any task is more fun than the dreaded income tax forms, right? While traveling home on the bus from yet another trip to Gossamer to purchase small felt squares in springtime colors, I realised that teaching a class on how to make these could be good for both me and the shop I buy supplies at. I'll be developing a class outline and teaching handout, and will be looking for a few brave guinea pigs to try making a sprite of their own, in order to get a sense of how much time is needed for the class. If you are interested, contact me, I'll be doing this after April 15.

Finally Acorn Cottage is quiet, after two delightful weeks of houseguests. Lots of talking, sushi and silliness, a trip to the soaking pool at the Kennedy School and a memorable excursion to see Tyr (a metal band from the Faroese Islands) Smokey is sad, she loves having more of the pack around. I miss my friends, but will be more productive now that I'm not staying up all night chatting. My mom will be visiting in a month and a half, and I'd like to get the house and yard a bit further along by then. Tomorrow should be mild, and I plan on alternating time spent on the gorram tax forms with time spent outdoors doing various yard cleanup and garden prep sorts of things.

If it doesn't rain this weekend, my lawn is looking shaggy and a bit dandelionish...I am not lawn-proud, don't water or feed it, would rather have flowers or food, but that takes time, transport of materials, and financial resources that are allocated elsewhere for the time being. An electric mower keeps it within bounds, with a really long extension cord. Since I have never been able to start a pull-start engine, I was delighted when our next door neighbor gave us their electric mower (they bought a new manual push mower)

Ah well, back to the dining table of tax forms for me....

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