Sunday, March 1, 2009

outside a comfort zone

Finally completed the mobile for the 2009 swap. It was challenging to find suitable materials in the desired colors, I do very little with golden brown earth-tone, and I just had a hard time getting inspired for some reason. All my initial ideas just seemed too cute for me to stand making them, I try to make things that are a good balance between what I would enjoy and what seems appropriate. I'm feeling drawn to less figurative, more mid-century mobiles these days. Check out the wonderful mobile in this living room (September 1954, click the picture to enlarge).

I finally remembered that I had some scraps of indonesian silk-rayon ikat in rust and flame color, which ended up as raw-edged overlay on wool-blend felt, cut into vaguely ameoba shapes. I hope the recipient likes it. Here are the initial materials, and the whole thing laying flat.

I am as tired of being cold as I am of being hot in the middle of August. Must find a way to get some of the needed repairs done...

Last week, rambled around in some places I don't often go. Took the streetcar up to 23rd and walked around window shopping. Found a giant 4" tea ball that will work perfectly for making kombucha, and the closure looks durable. And I found a second magnetic test tube flower vase, so I can have flowers in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. I've often reflected on the way that window shopping is the vestigial remnant of the gathering part of hunter-gatherer. When I was a girl, my best friend and I (when we were not trying to figure out how to get off the planet and which of our classmates would make appropriately diverse spaceship crew) would play with our Barbies, but not the way intended by Mattel. Our girls were proto-survivalists, needing to survive in a post apocalyptic suburbia, and we cruised the neighborhood for suitable foodstuffs, berries and roots and pods. We fashioned doll clothing from leaves pinned with long thorns, and whole environments were built against the hedge in her front yard.

Anyone out there have a pickup truck and be around during the week - daytime? I need to get a cubic yard of leaf compost hauled, for my garden. I'll happily trade enameling, or whatever...

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