Monday, March 2, 2009

Coriander has a face

After three weeks I was finally brave enough to try painting her face. She has a much more definite "personality" now than when she was faceless. I'm pretty happy with my first attempt, her expression has the sort of thoughtful look I was aiming for.

Given that she is only 9" tall, her face is about the size of a quarter. I haven't done such tiny detailed painting in decades, since the summer I was supplementing my meager income as a shop clerk by making
dollhouse scale folk-art pull toys to sell in LA. I think my mom still has some of those little 1" long wooden animal toys on wheels in her curio cabinet. That summer pretty much banished my interest in miniatures as a hobby, that is until now... (she is actually 1/6 scale, most dollhouse miniatures are 1/12 scale)
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And here she is doing her morning yoga. Dang, Corrie is waay more flexible than I am. Of course, she has the body of an 11 year old. I could probably do that when I was 11 too.

And in case you are curious, she is an Japanese-made Obitsu 23cm female child doll, and is made from plastic. Technically she is a customisable movable action figure, her joints are all friction fit ("ball jointed dolls" are usually the strung with elastic). She has amazing articulation, with joints at the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, wrist, mid chest, waist, hip, upper leg, knee and ankle. She also came with three sets of additional hands, in different poses, and is being really fun to photograph.

She was my valentines gift to myself this year, fortunately for me, she cost less than $20. ("true" ball jointed dolls cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and are one of those lifestyle/subculture hobby things, like the SCA)

I'm looking forward to making her some SCA garb, and some clothing other than pajamas and a sweater. In fact, I think that making things for her will be a useful bribe for me, to get less enjoyable tasks done, like doing my taxes.

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