Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday miscellany

in which our plucky heroine has a day of small if definite progress...

...after acquiring and cutting up the foraged cardboard, I then (purposefully) tipped over the compost bin full of wood chips (from back when there were hens here). Most of the chips were still basically wood, and so I was able to move them, taking several trips using the burden cloth, over to cover the cardboard pieces surrounding the alley gate, which should keep the cardboard anchored against the wind

...the kitchen always needs attention: more dishes washed and put away, and the rhubarb and strawberries from previous shopping are now washed, chopped, and macerating in some sugar in the fridge, to eventually turn into sauce and be jarred for shelf storage.

...tiny baby tomato is planted in a hanging basket, which should keep it safe from squirrels? we shall see...The strawberry is also planted in a hanging basket, and both are currently hanging from bungee cords on the front porch walkway, since I am lacking in heavy wire suitable for making extensions. I also repotted the two wee pepper plants into larger pots with room to grow, until I make them a place in the back yard

beauty in the time of isolation:
So tempted to use this spectacular Icelandic poppy as inspiration for artwork...

May SMART goals (x=extra)
1  teal knit tee for Nandina
repotted artichokes
taxes done
2 teal knit skirt for Nandina
computer zone shelf
yard waste bin
3 red/grey top for Nandina
cardboard back gate zone
recycle bin
4 red/print skirt for Nandina
pruned forsythia
5 setting for red Laurel
started cucumbers
6 samara earrings
backyard mowed x
7 three baby baprons
Nandina's legs x
8 two more baprons
woodchip back gate zone
9 teal/Mod top for Nandina repot tiny tomato
10 striped knit dress for Nandina
repot strawberries
11 4 more Nandina clothes
repot peppers
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - While I was out on my early morning sanity stroll, I found a Very Large Cardboard box set out for recycling (someone had purchased a bicycle) and made a mental note to go back after breakfast and scavenge it. Which I did, and whilst I was engaged in beginning to cut it up so I could bungee it to the back of my bike in pieces, the householder came out, so I asked if that was okay, if they were getting rid of it... Their response was "of course... and if you like, I can put it in the back of my car and drop it off for you" That was so kind, and saved me a great deal of effort! Large cardboard pieces went to finish filling in the alley gate zone, placed under the wood chip mulch

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  1. I love to hear stories of the kindness of people to one another.