Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine has a great day...

Despite our obvious differences, my new pal Mea and I have a Lot In Common, and I am just so enjoying the chance to spend time with her. Today she gave me a ride to the Terra Pomaria Calligraphy shindig. Randall and Leah also drove down from PDX to Salem, and did an excellent job of starting folks of on Carolingian Miniscule. A morning hanging out with old friends, meeting new people, and learning a new calligraphic hand was a great way to begin the weekend!

When Mea dropped me back at Acorn Cottage in midafternoon, there were four little takeaway boxes with an assortment of Ethiopian food sitting on the oak chair on the front porch... apparently Isabel and the girls had been to Enat Kitchen for lunch, and brought me the leftovers - yummo!!! We missed each other by about twenty minutes, alas, but there was tasty leftover supper tonight, and will be either lunch or breakfast tomorrow.

The indigo pinstripe linen dress is finished, and looks most tidy. Maybe photos tomorrow if it isn't too rainy/snowy. Am thinking that the next sewing tasks will be to cut out whatever additional blue/indigo projects need done for SWAP, probably the indigo/black linen pinafore, and the indigo batik rayon popover dress.

Ten long rounds of "pick up - knit - drop - repeat"... Have started the "three color" section (ugh!) which I need to do by picking up and dropping each color in turn; I cannot seem to manage three colors of yarn in my two hands. I hate this process with a passion. Were it not that I can already tell how much I will love the cardigan and wear it often once it is completed, I would give up in frustration. Today I completed two of the long rounds, one while on the way to Salem, and one while winding down tonight, only eight more to go! Audiobooks and podcasts will save my sanity

February SMART goals (x=extra)
1 bright feathers top for Mom leaky undersinkbag to Goodwill
2 taupe/teal feathers knit top neckline bindingbag to Goodwill
3 11 4oz jars marmalademore chips spread bag to Goodwill
4 mushroom print blouse
chicken bedding bag to Goodwill
5 Seville marmaladex rusty toolbox
6 4 jars Awesome Sauce x x
7 Pomelo marmalade x x
8 blood orange marmalde x x
9 indigo pinstripe dress
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - living in the future, aka travel GPS... while our plucky heroine is a Good Map Reader indeed, not everyone is, and our modern world has very clever ways to help drivers stay unlost, even in cities they've never been to before.


  1. That's an interesting knitting technique. Be sure to report back if you try it. I've never tried to knit with more than two colors in a row.

    1. I've been using this technique and finding it much less frustrating.

      I would rather go round three times knitting and slipping stitches, than go round once picking up and dropping the yarn repeatedly