Tuesday, February 19, 2019

rounding up...

in which our plucky heroine is both frustrated and clever...

First off, here is a bit of wooly progress... Am now well into the yoke of my Sólbein cardigan (sleeves and body already completed)... and once this current band of "sunbeams" is done I'll be starting on the three color bands. Looking forward to when I can assemble the whole thing. It will be a lovely lighter weight cardigan for springtime. Image also shows the area towards the back of the neck where I added in short rows for shaping (center front of yoke is at the center top of the photo, center back is at the center bottom of the photo)

Second time attempting to go to the SSA office this afternoon, to get the missing form that I never received. Tried yesterday but they close at noon on Wednesdays (my fault for not checking the website more carefully) Today they were open, but I had no idea that there was a metal detector checkpoint to get into the building. Big oops on my part, as I always carry my pocket knife, as well as the Leatherman micro on my key ring (not to mention my knitting). Security guards suggested I could just "leave all that on the sidewalk". Yeah... right...

Didn't want to go back home again, as it takes me quite a while to get there and back again, so I came up with the clever idea of using Powells as a baggage check. Took the Max and streetcar over to the bookstore, checked my tote bag, which is required to browse in the store, hopefully looked through the SF section for used copies of Becky Chambers without success, went back to the SSA office and eventually got a copy of my missing form, reversed my steps, picked up my tote bag complete with knives and knitting needles, and finally went home again.

Tuesday was a good visit with the new podiatrist: I felt listened to and observed well (as in the doctor actually examined my foot and ankle, compared it to my better functioning one, and watched me walking) - wish I had gone there first. I am to continue my current self care regime. He suggested getting new custom orthotics will likely help, may need to continue indefinitely. Not sure that insurance will cover the cost, but they will submit it and see what happens; if not, I will need to save up and pay out of pocket, sigh... He also recommended some soft clogs (crocs) for in house slippers

CMAG meeting Tuesday night was one of the best I have attended... The topic was getting and giving feedback, we each were to bring one or two pieces of our artistry for the activity. Divided the group into two smaller sections, and I chose the full on critique section, rather than the gentle commentary. It was fascinating to me to hear what other people noticed, or didn't notice about my piece, and also what aspects people found pleasing, or thought could be improved. Very different than my own thoughts about the piece. I really hope we do this again 

SCA Project Night North was fun, though no one showed up other than Mea and myself. We ended up going full on scribal focus and both started on some Kingdom charter painting. This is the one I am working on, partially done:


February SMART goals (x=extra)
1 bright feathers top for Mom leaky undersinkbag to Goodwill
2 taupe/teal feathers knit top neckline bindingbag to Goodwill
3 11 4oz jars marmalademore chips spread bag to Goodwill
4 mushroom print blouse
chicken bedding bag to Goodwill
5 Seville marmaladex rusty toolbox
6 4 jars Awesome Sauce x x
7 Pomelo marmalade x x
8 blood orange marmalde x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - the caddy I bought this weekend is exactly right and suitable for all my scribal art supplies, paints and pens and pen nibs and holders, and brushes, and layout tools... basically everything save large pieces of paper

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