Sunday, April 23, 2017

can't beet this...

in which our plucky heroine tries something new...

In some places beets are only useful to help defrost the roads... here at Acorn Cottage pickled beets are a rare and delightful treat. While in general pickles are not a favorite, something about the sweet spicy tangy magenta discs just make me smile, and I occasionally will make up a small batch of waterbath shelf stable treats to add color to a green salad. I have never before tried making "quick pickles" (aka refrigerator pickles), which was the April "skill of the month" at Food in Jars Mastery Challenge.

While perusing options online, I came across these unusual pink-edged eggs and was curious... had never eaten pickled eggs, but since my hens provide me with an abundance to experiment with, I took a few and gave the recipe a try. Left out the peppercorns, as it was too late in the evening to run to the store for some.

I call this a win! The eggs are amazingly delicious as well as visually stunning, and pickled beets are always a treat. This is going on the short list of successful experiments that will be repeated on a regular basis.

I will, however, not substitute dried dill for the suggested sprigs of fresh dill. The dried herb bits turned into a messy mush that spilled over the top of the jar, and didn't really add any dill flavor. I am interested in possibly trying some other flavor and color variations, maybe with tumeric and curry spices...


It has been a Very Busy Weekend here. My Blue Cedar House pals came down to do their usual helpful activity. My yard got mowed and weeded, and the strawberries the chooks tried to destroy are now in one of the self watering planters instead. Since it mostly poured down rain here all weekend, a lot of attention was focused on my workroom instead.

The two LED shoplights were installed, one above the south wall, to provide lighting for a future small standing workbench, and one above the west wall which will provide lighting for where I usually set up the ironing board when I am sewing. Both lights bounce off the walls and help light up my own small corner workbench as well. Being able to work without standing in ones own shadow is a great thing, and having this much light indoors will make all the shop tasks a lot easier to accomplish.

In addition, the lowest west wall shelf was reconfigured, cut down in length and lowered two inches, to accommodate this neat IKEA office paper shelf, which I will use to keep assorted commission work organised. The slide out shelves are lined with cork, so stuff doesn't slip about, and there is enough depth to include various specific supplies, and sketches, as well as the works in progress.
Moving that shelf allowed me to set up a work place for the mini drill press, which has been sitting in a box for months. We mounted the surge protector just below the windowsill, where it will serve for the various electrical tools used in that zone.

April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 pottery buttons mat/frame woodblockyard waste bin
2 soap dish mend grey dresspaper recycle bin
3 painted bowl taxes done paper recycle bin
4 geometric flower holder side wall cupboard bag to Goodwill
5 3 enamels for Edrill press setup bag to Goodwill
6 Darylee overdress shelf moved/resized yard waste bin
7 pickled beets n eggs WIP shelves setup x
8 filigree center for S 2 shoplights installed x
9 x surge protector up x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x

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