Friday, March 17, 2017

delectable stripes

in which our plucky heroine continues making progress on a renewed wardrobe...

Today's project is working on my second knit top, this one made from striped hemp jersey, which is behaving much more cooperatively than the marled hemp jersey did. Narrow 1/8" stripes of charcoal grey and a very pale blue will coordinate well with all my pinafores.

At this point in time, once this basic top is complete, if I get three more garments finished I will meet my minimum goal of meeting the requirements for SWAP 2017. If I finish those three by the end of March, I have a whole month (all of April) to do something a bit more intensive/spectacular, which is my hope. I really want to make the Alabama Chanin style cardigan that is currently taking up a big spot in my visual imagination, and that would be a most useful springtime layer.

Finished the hand-stitched neckline binding tonight, just need to do the same to the cuff edges, and hem the bottom edge, and it will be finished. For this one, my aim is a very basic wardrobe component, not highly elaborated, but with the visible hand stitching being a subtle embellishement. Given how much I wear my black/grey striped cotton turtleneck, a new stripey cool weather top, in a slightly different colorway and style, will surely become a wardrobe staple.

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  1. Looks great, relieved to hear it was simpler to deal with.