Saturday, December 10, 2016

to the Lan Su Chinese Garden

in which our plucky heroine takes an excursion...
(earlier in the week, on Wednesday, before all the snow and ice)
Somehow, there is always more beauty to be seen inside the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It is a wonder of design, in whatever season of the year... that takes up an entire city block downtown. This month they celebrate "Nine Free Days" where for the price of a donation of shelf stable food for the Oregon Food Bank, you get free admission to the Garden that day!

only the good die young - there were still a few pomegranates hanging on to the branches in the first courtyard. so beautiful in the winter sunlight, but they won't live to ripen into edible fruit this late in the year

winter camellias in a courtyard, viewed through a wooden screen

The curved window in the wall allows a view of the banana tree and more pebble paving, in a narrow private space. I hope that the tree was warmly wrapped up prior to last night's deep frost

layers and layers of pierced screens of wood, and layers and layers of decoration...

Their hachiya persimmon tree was laden with vivid orange fruits

roof tiles and end caps, with just a bit of mossy greenery glowing in the winter sunlight

Was quite grateful to Brigitta for calling the 9 Free Days to my attention, and was fun to go there with her, and to share my love of Sushi Ichiban, where we walked over in the cold winter sunshine and had lunch afterwards...


  1. What a visual treat! Thank you for sharing your excursion.

  2. Yes, thank you so much for sharing! This spot was not on my radar, as a relatively new resident, but it surely is now ;-)